03 May 2010

An up-to-date News Break on Me

Well, a week ago today we had to lead our Border Collie, King, to the Rainbow
Bridge so he could cross over, this weekend our foster dog, Cronkite, left for
an adoptive home, and our dog, Dylan, just doesn't know what to do with himself!
It takes him a while to get use to being the lone dog.

Just got back from a Pet Sitting job yesterday - 5 days at the River House! It
is like being paid to go on vacation!

Got the news last night that a couple was attacked and shot at an overlook on
the Blue Ridge Pkwy .... by the turn off to where we go camping! (We don't camp
at the camp sites, we usually do off road camping.) Guess this old lady might
end up being a gun totting camper because I usually stay at the campsite when
everyone else goes hiking or canoeing. My theory would be to scare the whomsoever who decided to hit my camp, of course just seeing me without make-up would be heart stopping in itself! God help the world! I'll prolly end up going around apologizing to all the trees the got shot if there was a visitation.... LOL

This runner has been sidelined for a while because somehow this clutz hurt the
top of my foot a while back(?)and has been acting up lately. Over the weekend I
ran 2 miles which usually isn't too hard for me but this time it was and after I
got home I knew I was gonna have to stop running to give it another chance to
heal. Back-up plan: got my hubby to get my bicycle in shape so I can still
workout while waiting for the foot to stop its temper tantrum!

I submitted three paintings to the Senior ArtFest which is being held mid May.
Last year I got a second place ribbon in the Drawing Category! It will be fun to
see if I get a ribbon, I just wish it didn't cost so much to get things ready:
entrance fee and matting fee comes to over $70! But it is good exposure.

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