05 October 2010

Dolgeville Corner to corner afghan

Corner to corner Afghan

(I think I will call it the Dolgeville Pattern since I learned it while I was living there but I do not know there name of the original creator.)

Hook size: G,H,I,Jor K (Larger the hook the quicker it goes)

~ Ch 7, 3 DC in 6th ch from hook, ch 5. Turn. (Makes first 1st row)

~ 3 DC in 4th ch from hook, slip stitch into end of chain group of next shell, ch 3 in same chain section. Ch 5. Turn. Makes 2nd row.

~ 3 DC in 4th ch from hook,
*slip stitch into chain group of next shell group, ch 3*

Repeat from * to finish row. Ch 5. Turn.

Repeat this until afghan is desired size.

To decrease:

~At end of row Turn, skip one DC, slip stitch to ch 3 of first shell, ch 3, 3 DC in loop, repeat until you have a square then slip stitch to corner.


Use whatever edging you want.

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