18 October 2010

The Journey begins.

I had my appointment with my Surgeon today, she is a riot! She is 35 yrs old, looks like she is 15, and has so much energy and talks so fast you would think she was on speed! She let us know ahead of time that she talked fast and she said she had a binder full of the info she was going to go over with us (my husband came with me.) She did a sonogram of both my girls looking to make sure no one was hiding then we went into her office and we listened. LOL My surgeon is very thorough and explained everything we have to look for, the proceedures that will have to be done according to whatever it is we find at the time. At this point she said I have stage one cancer so it is a slow moving one.

So, here is the plan. Next week I will have an MRI to check to see if the cancer has slipped into some lymph nodes etc. Then I have an appt with the Plastic Surgeon to discuss the different avenues we can take. There are all kinds of tests that will be done so it seems like it will take a lot of time but good news is - I will be able to go to Faeriecon afterall!!!!!  Then the surgery and biopsies begin around the beginning of December and depending upon what is found we will begin treatment after New Years so I can enjoy myself.

There may be other info I have left out because there was some much info told to me and I haven't have had time to read the "Boob Cancer Bible" but when I find something I will post here!

God bless y'all!

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Bella Scarlett said...

Stage 1 is highly treatable, so that's good news.

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