29 October 2010

Plastic Surgeon Appt today

I have to laugh.... it didn't bother me to be top nude in front of a man!

I asked him a question about something a woman said in Support Group the other night and he rolled his eyes and said "They shouldn't be called Support Groups, they should be called "Scare Groups" because people are sharing what may have happened to them but that doesn't mean it will happen to you. I felt it was good to know this info so I would be prepared in the invent something strange happens to me while in the ER.

Anyhow it looks like I should be in the hospital one or two days after the proceedure. I think that will be a good thing cuz I am sure I will get the willies having to take care of the drainage situation and the longer someone else has to do it the better!

I will have my surgery scheduled by next week.

PS. I have an actual Cancer Journal that you can read http://users.blogforacure.com/mersea I tend to cross post here but there is more information there.

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