28 October 2010

Support Group

There was a large variety of ladies there last night, all wonderful and fun! Because there were several new people there, mwah included, we went around the room and told a little about ourselves, then Dr Jennifer Reed spoke and answered questions. It was good to hear the info, these ladies have been through some hard times, and I must admit that some of the info surprised and shocked me. Little Pollyannna here, who was thinking very positive about what I am about to go through and knowing that circumstances could change at anytime but still remaining very positive, suddenly began to feel a little numb. It made me gulp when the Dr said we must look at Breast Cancer not as a life threatening disease but as a chronic disease which "will" come back some day and you never know when or where. One lady's "chronic disease" reared it's ugly head as stage 4 bone cancer and was told nothing could be done. Dr Jennifer said bull, we will find something that will work to keep you going.

I sat next to a beautiful 50 yr old African American lady who towards the end of the meeting tears began to slip down her cheeks. I put my arm around her and the two ladies on the other side of her and a few others softly talked to her. She had had her surgery 2 yrs ago and she had another health issue which she didn't go into. by the end of the conversation it came out she kept thinking of dying. she has been going to therapy because she has been having panic attacks but no Dr had given her any Xanax for her anxieties. Sometimes I wonder where some Drs heads are!

I knew we all had the ingredients to have cancer but I was surprised to know that every one has cancer mutating in them but some peoples systems are able to destroy it.

I guess I needed to hear these things and sure glad to know there are women out there that will hold my hand and hug me tight when I am down about all this. It is nice to have a boob or implant to cry on!

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