01 November 2010

November and stuff

Last night while designing a picture dealing with killing cancer, I started watching a movie called "Four Extrordinary Women." It was written from the eyes of a college age man and it is about four different women who are invaded with breast cancer. I wasn't able to get very far into it because 'Trick or treat' time had arrived and I had to dress up our dogs so they can great every one oat the door. Believe it or not, these dogs, who bark and scare the whaleyburger out of everyone who walks by our fence, loves to dress up and stand all pretty like and sweet at the door while we hand out candy! I will be putting pictures up in a little while in my photos so keep an eye out!

NanoWriMo has started! I must write 500,000 words of a novel in one month. I wish they would have picked a month in which nothing was going on! Thanksgiviing and heading into Christmas makes November a rough month... maybe January, that seems to be the month in the year not much goes on so a person could prime their imagination and practice their penmanship and typing! But I am not the one who is in power so November it is.

This year November is going to be soooooo busy for me it isn't funny! Getting costumes created for the Faeriecon, going to Faeriecon, Drs visits, Thanksgiving, trying not to keep a constant flow of thought concerning what is going on with my body, Pet sitting over Thanksgiving, and getting ready for surgery. (I think I will let the hubster put up the tree this year because I will be gone over Thanksgiving and then having surgery. I think putting up the tree will be a good distraction for him.

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