29 November 2010


I have just been going over Medical Bills that came while I was gone and want to scream! I know I am over reacting because I hate math and dealing with bills and even dealing with money in general.

I have two types of Insurance: Anthem Healthkeepers and American Heritage Life Insurance Co which is cancer Insurance. I had the understanding that what one didn’t cover the other did but I just found out Office visits and blood work don’t count. No biggie in the large scale of things, I’m fairly sure the blood work is covered by Healthkeepers but I was totally unaware of the cancer insurance not covering Office visits or whatever… my mind is swirling so nothing is being understood right now. But I thank God that I had the presence of mind to take the cancer insurance when it was offered when I was last working! Comparatively speaking, paying a copay for an office visit here and there is nothing compared to what it could have been without the cancer insurance.

I think I will go take a nap!

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