30 April 2008

Hope I have done this right!

I have added some more ads from project wonderful so I can have more than one ad running. Can this be done so I can have lots of people buying ads for my website instead just one? I've noticed others have more than one person running an ad on their sites.

28 April 2008

Salute to the Ya-Ya's!

It is a hard thing to say goodbye to anyone and anything that has meant so much to us! I was a part of the Gumbo Ya-Ya group since 1999 and really loved it and all the sistahs there!! Well, the time has come for the Forum to close down and all the sistahs will be gathering in other areas. Isn't it wonderful that people can meet online and become fast friends?

God bless and I will miss you all!

27 April 2008

Home again home again.

I just got home from a 4 day petsitting job. I had three dogs, one cat, and a cockatiel to play with! The hard part was that the dogs were use to getting up at 5:30 AM! Well, true to form, the doggies decided to play and tried to get me up every morning earlier. One day it was 4:30 and this morning it was 3AM! Luckily I had talked to their Momma the day before and she told me how to fix the issue! LOL

Gotta love 'em!

23 April 2008

God has really blessed me!!!!!

The last pet/house sitting jobs I have had have been in beautiful homes which really encouraged my creativity! I just got back from a meeting with my next clients and I have to tell you this house is unbelievable! River front views, wisteria hanging, camellias, roses, a pier, several garden and porch settings that are ever so sweet, and I have three really neat dogs to play with, a sweet cat, and a cockatiel! I could feel my muse dancing for joy!

I won't be online from Thursday until Sunday night but that is okay, I will be basking in creativity!

19 April 2008

My newest faerie picture:

This is the Peonie Faerie. I've just added her to my Etsy Shop to be sold as a set of cards:


What a long day!

I started out my day feeling exhausted! That is not a good way to feel when I am going to a Pet First Aid class. I thought it was suppose to be from 9 - 5pm but we were out by Noon! I was soooo tired that when I got home I slipped between the sheets and took a nap, not a sound one though so maybe that is why I am still so out of it. I think mine is a result of a Fibromyalgia flare-up. My skin hurts, feels like someone is rubbing sandpaper on it. B is also exhausted, he has no clue why.

After my nap I piddled around in my art office trying to get it in order. I feel guilty because I saw some really orderly and pretty offices in several magazines and believe you me, mine is not orderly! I have been going through things so I can scale down the things that are hanging around because I don't need most of it!

Right now it feels like it should be about 8pm but it is about 4:40! I guess there are just some days like this!

I did a little bit of sketching earlier of things that might look good as cards, still want to gather more ideas together before I sit down to actually create. I don't usually do this but I am wanting to expand the horizons on my style of art.

I have an idea for creating a faerie doll but I just may wait until I have sold one of the dolls that are on my Etsy Shop. (http://www.aheartofmersea.etsy.com/) I have been gathering earrings and pins when I go to Thrift stores so I can use them on my dolls. It shall be interesting to see how I attach them to the doll.

18 April 2008

Wool gathering (not for knitting)

I finished pencil painting my "Regency Faerie" and will be scanning her and getting her ready to be made into a card soon. Usually my husband does this work but I know I need to learn how to do it. Problem is my 'rememberer' doesn't like to work now and then, usually when I really need it to work!

I do a lot of different kinds of art but what seems to show up on my sites are my whimsical art. I have been pondering on taking some time just to do some learning sketches and maybe pick back up on some types of work I use to do before. I use to do charcol, pencil sketching, and pastels a long time ago. At one point I even did acrylic painting. But I do love working with color pencils very much.

I have two dolls in my Etsy shop www.aheartofmersea.etsy.com, I use to do them years ago just to decorate my house. I have two country dolls but I have some ideas for some faerie dolls which I will prolly do in the near future.

Other things that I will be doing are making quilt wall hangings, more crochet items, and crochet jewelry. I want to have as many different type of crafts that will please and draw in all kinds of people to my shop.

I have been pondering of adding another dimension to my biz: doing home shows. Years ago I was a part of a group that did the party plan and that went over good. How I would go about doing this I'm not sure. I have thought of having a show with the inventory that I bring would be up for sale... cash and carry so to speak. Now that I think of it, I did something like this on my own years ago when my sons were just babies... wow, wasn't that a long times ago!

Learning how this blog works.

I have added a place for people to buy ads on my blogspot. I hope I have added it to the right place. For some reason I am having a time figuring out how to work this blog but I know I will get it as time goes by!

Bear with me....

I am trying to figure things out...

17 April 2008

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