18 April 2008

Wool gathering (not for knitting)

I finished pencil painting my "Regency Faerie" and will be scanning her and getting her ready to be made into a card soon. Usually my husband does this work but I know I need to learn how to do it. Problem is my 'rememberer' doesn't like to work now and then, usually when I really need it to work!

I do a lot of different kinds of art but what seems to show up on my sites are my whimsical art. I have been pondering on taking some time just to do some learning sketches and maybe pick back up on some types of work I use to do before. I use to do charcol, pencil sketching, and pastels a long time ago. At one point I even did acrylic painting. But I do love working with color pencils very much.

I have two dolls in my Etsy shop www.aheartofmersea.etsy.com, I use to do them years ago just to decorate my house. I have two country dolls but I have some ideas for some faerie dolls which I will prolly do in the near future.

Other things that I will be doing are making quilt wall hangings, more crochet items, and crochet jewelry. I want to have as many different type of crafts that will please and draw in all kinds of people to my shop.

I have been pondering of adding another dimension to my biz: doing home shows. Years ago I was a part of a group that did the party plan and that went over good. How I would go about doing this I'm not sure. I have thought of having a show with the inventory that I bring would be up for sale... cash and carry so to speak. Now that I think of it, I did something like this on my own years ago when my sons were just babies... wow, wasn't that a long times ago!

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