30 May 2008

Colds.... Grrrrrr

How does one get rid of a cold? I thought I was almost all over it and now it is acting up again. I went to the ENT Dr and had to have some blood vessels carterized and now I am acting like I have a head cold again! And I am on antibiotics because I have an infection!

I can't wait until I am home from this latest job so I can crawl into my own bed and get better!!!!!

24 May 2008

Working while having a cold.... aaaaccchhhoooooo!!!!

I have been working a Pet/House sitting job for the past week. Somewhere along the line I came down with a mega cold and feel like I am hooked up to an electric current! I haven't felt like going online nor doing any artwork. I attempted to add some watercolor to a picture I drew in my Creative Art/Nature journal but at this point it doesn't look good. will have to try to fix that!

It has been literally years since I have had a cold so I am shocked at how it affects me! I think due to the fibromyalgia the symptoms are exaggerated ! I simply can't focus on anything, not a single thing! I just want to sit in the easy chair and nap and stare. When I try to do anything the mind just goes dull and blank. How in the world do people who have colds function at a full time job?

Today is my last day here. I go home this evening and stay there until Monday morning. I am normally have a Companion sitting client on Monday morning but I have a feeling I will have to find someone to do that job due to this nasty cold... I would hate to give him this cold. He doesn't need something like that to add to his problems! anyways, after that client I move to a new Pet/Home sitting job. I will be there for 8 days or so.

I will be spending some of the day straightening up the house so when the clients come homethey won't have anything to do but fall into the bed!

10 May 2008

Orphan (art) Legistraton

I borrowed this from another site... very important that you read and sign the petitions! Us artists will lose what little bit of money we earn trying to copywrite every piece of art we make!

~Do you value art? How about the creators of the art?~

I work full time in a Deli slicing vegetables and meat and dealing with the public. Every day, either before or after work, I paint. My work sells but it takes me a long time to complete a painting. I love it and I won't stop until I am physically incapabable of doing this.

Currently there is a bill before US Congress which, if passed, will effectively steal my art. Some of my paintings could have sold several times over. People who request a certain piece after it has already gone are disappointed but often pleased that I can make a framed print or card for them. I get a little extra money for this. It helps.Suppplies cost. Galleries charge commissions. Shipping costs can be extravagant. If I have to add registration costs and TIME to this.....

This is not just about painters either. Any of you who have online photo albums or have ever entered a photograph into a competition are at risk. Companies will be able to simply use your photos, instead of paying an artist for work which they can then use in advertising.

Mark Simon, writing forAnimation World, explains the impact much better than I.



"Currently, you don't have to register your artwork to own the copyright. You own a copyright as soon as you create something. International law also supports this. Right now, registration allows you to sue for damages, in addition to fair value.What makes me so MAD about this new legislation is that it legalizes THEFT! The only people who benefit from this are those who want to make use of our creative works without paying for them and large companies who will run the new private copyright registries.These registries are companies that you would be forced to pay in order to register every single image, photo, sketch or creative work.It is currently against international law to coerce people to register their work for copyright because there are so many inherent problems with it. But because big business can push through laws in the United States, our country is about to break with the rest of the world, again, and take your rights away.With the tens of millions of photos and pieces of artwork created each year, the bounty for forcing everyone to pay a registration fee would be enormous. We lose our rights and our creations, and someone else makes money at our expense.This includes every sketch, painting, photo, sculpture, drawing, video, song and every other type of creative endeavor. All of it is at risk!If the Orphan Works legislation passes, you and I and all creatives will lose virtually all the rights to not only our future work but to everything we've created over the past 34 years, unless we register it with the new, untested and privately run (by the friends and cronies of the U.S. government) registries. Even then, there is no guarantee that someone wishing to steal your personal creations won't successfully call your work an orphan work, and then legally use it for free.In short, if Congress passes this law, YOU WILL LOSE THE RIGHT TO MAKE MONEY FROM YOUR OWN CREATIONS!"

If you care, if you think legislating theft is wrong, please let your congressman/woman hear your objections.online petition: http://www.petitiononline.com/dAvsOW/petition.html
templates of letters to help you respond: http://capwiz.com/illustratorspartnership/home/
more info, for those of you who like official govt sites - US Copywrite officehttp://www.copyright.gov/orphan/

Please help stop this!!!!!

I am a bit tired!

Things around our house are crazy! B left Thursday for a biz trip toPhoenix, AZ. The original trip was for 2 days but they decided to take a few extra days and go to the Grand Canyon. I wanted to go but itwould have been too expensive. That's okay, B needs some time away from stress. Now it gets really wild! B gets back Thursday, May 14. I start a pet/house sitting job on the 17th which is actually not too far away from home. I am there until the 24th. On the 26th I start a new pet/house sitting job and will be there until June 7th. Things will be quiet (at least at this point) until July 5 when I start a Pet/House sitting job that will last until July 23. This job includes an inground pool and it is on the river! My next pet/house sitting job is for Aug 1 - 3 same place! That is all I have scheduled at this moment. I do have a regular scheduled Monday companion job every week and there will be several other companion jobs that will pop up. And there may be some more pet/house sitting jobs that will come up. This is a great job but being away from home so much is hard. B and I do a lot of dating while I am away and that is fun! But I do miss him and DC a lot! I miss the dogs and Misty but B and DC most. I am hoping to get my hands on a laptop to be able to take with me but at this point I can only use the clients computer if they are comfortable about it. Some aren't. And some of my jobs are too far away from home to warrant driving home every day once to twice a day!

Meanwhile, I got a pedometer. I need some kind of exercize to do if I can't get to my regular workout pool and this one is great! It measures how many steps I take, the amount of time, how many aerobic steps taken, caloried burned, and keeps a record of each days stats. The goal is 10,000 a day. I got the pedometer yesterday and set out to get my 10,000... I walked around the neighborhood two different times, by bedtime I had gone 14,417! This morning my ankles and my butt cheeks are hurting... my buttcheeks! LOL I have been going through a flare-up for almost a month now. Some days I feel like someone is rubbing my skin with sandpaper especially whenI get into the not so warm water! Things have calmed down some pain wise but I go through bouts of fatigue. Well, can't have everything back to normal, right?

I am determined that I will have the office area cleaned and organized by the time B gets back. Yesterday I went through one of mybookcases and extremely thinned it out! When I first got separated I bought all kinds of journaling and writing books, tons of them! It was so intoxicating to be making money and not have someone getting the money! I did read some of each book and promised myself that I would finish reading each book. Some I did and some I didn't. Well, I knew I wasn't going to ever really get to them so I gathered them up and hurriedly took them to the CHKD Thrift store before I changed my mind. I still have a ton of books to go through but I put a major chunk in the cleaning! Told hubby last night and he asked if I had gone through the attic yet... wanted to smack him! LOL Guys!

I didn't go to the pool yesterday because I heard thunder when I got up and I wasn't about to go and then sit there and wait for permission to get into the pool. I may go today - it is sunny outright now.

09 May 2008

May Days

The month of May has started and it is going to be a hectic one! Hubby is on a biz trip and I have two pet sitting jobs back to back which will keep me gone for most of the month! I have several other jobs coming up and I will be gone for those. I definitely need to invest in a laptop because some people prefer not to have guests use their computer and I have no clue when it comes to laptops! I have been researching but I am not understanding what in the world they are talking about! I guess the hubster will need to research and explain things to me so I will be able to make a decision about which to buy.

The weather today is quite Springlike and I am not going to complain! It is cloudy, light rain with peals of distant thunder. I won't be going to the pool this morning due to the thunder, everytime there is thunder heard we have to get out of the pool for a half hour... no sense in wasting my time sitting around there. I do have to take "King" our Border Collie to the Vet for a urine checkup because the bloodwork showed some kidney numbers were a bit high. I can take him anytime today so I will keep an eye on the weather station to see when I can scoot him to the Vet when it isn't storming. I also need to go to B&N to get a book I saw on Aqua Fitness so I can do more than just swim when at the pool. Right now I am impatiently waiting for my pedometer to come in the mail, I want to get started walking 10,000 steps a day - there is no way I can keep count manually because my rememberer isn't in good working mode these days!

Story about my latest haircut... I have always been one to cut the hair on the top of my head so I can curl it and poof it up. I hate to go to a salon and pay $12+ to get someone else to do it and then not be able to know if they cut it right because they will no long dry and curl hair so we can tell if it was done right so I do it myself. So the other day I got out the scizzors and trimmed it up.... a lot! I still have some perm left in the hair but not much! LOL I did over trim but that is normal for me. I use to get all upset with myself when I cut my hair too short but I have reached that age where I can look in the mirror and say "Oh well, it will grown out." (Yep, getting old...) Now I look at my hair and think "I sure hope I can get that hair around the tiny curling rod!)"

Hubby and I went camping over this past weekend and when we came back we had a funny surprise waiting for us! I have a gnome standing guard over my corner garden and he was gone but there was a note left: "Don't worry, the weather was so nice that I decide to take a short trip. Will be back in about a week. Love, your gnome." I totally cracked up! We use to do this type of thing on the Ya-Ya forum, we would hijack someones gnome, send it to all kinds of Y-Ya's who would take pictures of themselves with the gnome then send it to another gal. In the end the gnome would be returned home with a photo album full of pictures of the gnome in all the various cities and states he had visited! Hubby said if it wasn't going to rain we should put a note on the corner telling the gnome to make sure he brings back pictures! LOL

06 May 2008

Birthday, swimming, scooter, and walking

Today I want to wish my youngest son a very happy birthday! Where has all the time gone?

I think I will be in the market for a scooter so I can get great gas mileage so I can continue to work out at the pool! Every time I get behind the wheel a wave of guilt washes over me because I am using so much gas just to go swim! To justify that statement, I swim between one and two miles 5-6 days a week. I am a mermaid, donchaknow!

I have decided I need to do more walking as exercize so I bought a pedometer. This one will keep tabs on my steps, calories, regular steps, aerobic steps, and keep a spread sheet of what I have done every day! I think if I have that I will walk more. Sometimes I do go walking but then I get bored so I am figuring if I have something keeping tabs on me I will do better.

Weekend Camping

This weekend was quite restful for me. I mainly stayed around the camp by the rivers edge, did some reading, and worked on journaling and starting a Creative Art/Nature journal. The weather was perfect! The only bad thing were the ticks! They were really really bad! Hubby woke me up one night because he discovered he had 7 ticks on him! Funny, normally I am the one that ticks and fleas love but I had none this time round! I am not complaining!

I have a feeling that we won't be doing very much camping this year due to the price of gas! It cost us almost $100 in gaas alone never mind the camp fees and food! And speaking of camp fees, the place that we will never go back to actually charged us $5 per dog per day! We took our two dogs and it cost us more in pet fees than our fees! Normally we go to Bald mountain and do real primitive camping, there is no amenities but it is free. We will prolly stick to there or go to Crabtree Falls. I like Crabtree falls even though there is a camp fee, it has a shower, bathroom, and a little store.

01 May 2008

A weekend retreat, sorta...

I am taking a quick break to gather my thoughts. We are leaving tomorrow to go camping for the weekend. I have been experiencing a bad fibro week so I am hoping being in the mountains and being able to walk through the woods will help me relax. I am bringing some art supplies and I will be starting a Creative Art/Nature journal while I am there. I have been having so many ideas as of late concerning different types of art ideas that I want to use to create greeting cards so I am hoping this trip will be a great help!
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