10 May 2008

I am a bit tired!

Things around our house are crazy! B left Thursday for a biz trip toPhoenix, AZ. The original trip was for 2 days but they decided to take a few extra days and go to the Grand Canyon. I wanted to go but itwould have been too expensive. That's okay, B needs some time away from stress. Now it gets really wild! B gets back Thursday, May 14. I start a pet/house sitting job on the 17th which is actually not too far away from home. I am there until the 24th. On the 26th I start a new pet/house sitting job and will be there until June 7th. Things will be quiet (at least at this point) until July 5 when I start a Pet/House sitting job that will last until July 23. This job includes an inground pool and it is on the river! My next pet/house sitting job is for Aug 1 - 3 same place! That is all I have scheduled at this moment. I do have a regular scheduled Monday companion job every week and there will be several other companion jobs that will pop up. And there may be some more pet/house sitting jobs that will come up. This is a great job but being away from home so much is hard. B and I do a lot of dating while I am away and that is fun! But I do miss him and DC a lot! I miss the dogs and Misty but B and DC most. I am hoping to get my hands on a laptop to be able to take with me but at this point I can only use the clients computer if they are comfortable about it. Some aren't. And some of my jobs are too far away from home to warrant driving home every day once to twice a day!

Meanwhile, I got a pedometer. I need some kind of exercize to do if I can't get to my regular workout pool and this one is great! It measures how many steps I take, the amount of time, how many aerobic steps taken, caloried burned, and keeps a record of each days stats. The goal is 10,000 a day. I got the pedometer yesterday and set out to get my 10,000... I walked around the neighborhood two different times, by bedtime I had gone 14,417! This morning my ankles and my butt cheeks are hurting... my buttcheeks! LOL I have been going through a flare-up for almost a month now. Some days I feel like someone is rubbing my skin with sandpaper especially whenI get into the not so warm water! Things have calmed down some pain wise but I go through bouts of fatigue. Well, can't have everything back to normal, right?

I am determined that I will have the office area cleaned and organized by the time B gets back. Yesterday I went through one of mybookcases and extremely thinned it out! When I first got separated I bought all kinds of journaling and writing books, tons of them! It was so intoxicating to be making money and not have someone getting the money! I did read some of each book and promised myself that I would finish reading each book. Some I did and some I didn't. Well, I knew I wasn't going to ever really get to them so I gathered them up and hurriedly took them to the CHKD Thrift store before I changed my mind. I still have a ton of books to go through but I put a major chunk in the cleaning! Told hubby last night and he asked if I had gone through the attic yet... wanted to smack him! LOL Guys!

I didn't go to the pool yesterday because I heard thunder when I got up and I wasn't about to go and then sit there and wait for permission to get into the pool. I may go today - it is sunny outright now.

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