09 May 2008

May Days

The month of May has started and it is going to be a hectic one! Hubby is on a biz trip and I have two pet sitting jobs back to back which will keep me gone for most of the month! I have several other jobs coming up and I will be gone for those. I definitely need to invest in a laptop because some people prefer not to have guests use their computer and I have no clue when it comes to laptops! I have been researching but I am not understanding what in the world they are talking about! I guess the hubster will need to research and explain things to me so I will be able to make a decision about which to buy.

The weather today is quite Springlike and I am not going to complain! It is cloudy, light rain with peals of distant thunder. I won't be going to the pool this morning due to the thunder, everytime there is thunder heard we have to get out of the pool for a half hour... no sense in wasting my time sitting around there. I do have to take "King" our Border Collie to the Vet for a urine checkup because the bloodwork showed some kidney numbers were a bit high. I can take him anytime today so I will keep an eye on the weather station to see when I can scoot him to the Vet when it isn't storming. I also need to go to B&N to get a book I saw on Aqua Fitness so I can do more than just swim when at the pool. Right now I am impatiently waiting for my pedometer to come in the mail, I want to get started walking 10,000 steps a day - there is no way I can keep count manually because my rememberer isn't in good working mode these days!

Story about my latest haircut... I have always been one to cut the hair on the top of my head so I can curl it and poof it up. I hate to go to a salon and pay $12+ to get someone else to do it and then not be able to know if they cut it right because they will no long dry and curl hair so we can tell if it was done right so I do it myself. So the other day I got out the scizzors and trimmed it up.... a lot! I still have some perm left in the hair but not much! LOL I did over trim but that is normal for me. I use to get all upset with myself when I cut my hair too short but I have reached that age where I can look in the mirror and say "Oh well, it will grown out." (Yep, getting old...) Now I look at my hair and think "I sure hope I can get that hair around the tiny curling rod!)"

Hubby and I went camping over this past weekend and when we came back we had a funny surprise waiting for us! I have a gnome standing guard over my corner garden and he was gone but there was a note left: "Don't worry, the weather was so nice that I decide to take a short trip. Will be back in about a week. Love, your gnome." I totally cracked up! We use to do this type of thing on the Ya-Ya forum, we would hijack someones gnome, send it to all kinds of Y-Ya's who would take pictures of themselves with the gnome then send it to another gal. In the end the gnome would be returned home with a photo album full of pictures of the gnome in all the various cities and states he had visited! Hubby said if it wasn't going to rain we should put a note on the corner telling the gnome to make sure he brings back pictures! LOL

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