06 May 2008

Weekend Camping

This weekend was quite restful for me. I mainly stayed around the camp by the rivers edge, did some reading, and worked on journaling and starting a Creative Art/Nature journal. The weather was perfect! The only bad thing were the ticks! They were really really bad! Hubby woke me up one night because he discovered he had 7 ticks on him! Funny, normally I am the one that ticks and fleas love but I had none this time round! I am not complaining!

I have a feeling that we won't be doing very much camping this year due to the price of gas! It cost us almost $100 in gaas alone never mind the camp fees and food! And speaking of camp fees, the place that we will never go back to actually charged us $5 per dog per day! We took our two dogs and it cost us more in pet fees than our fees! Normally we go to Bald mountain and do real primitive camping, there is no amenities but it is free. We will prolly stick to there or go to Crabtree Falls. I like Crabtree falls even though there is a camp fee, it has a shower, bathroom, and a little store.

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