24 May 2008

Working while having a cold.... aaaaccchhhoooooo!!!!

I have been working a Pet/House sitting job for the past week. Somewhere along the line I came down with a mega cold and feel like I am hooked up to an electric current! I haven't felt like going online nor doing any artwork. I attempted to add some watercolor to a picture I drew in my Creative Art/Nature journal but at this point it doesn't look good. will have to try to fix that!

It has been literally years since I have had a cold so I am shocked at how it affects me! I think due to the fibromyalgia the symptoms are exaggerated ! I simply can't focus on anything, not a single thing! I just want to sit in the easy chair and nap and stare. When I try to do anything the mind just goes dull and blank. How in the world do people who have colds function at a full time job?

Today is my last day here. I go home this evening and stay there until Monday morning. I am normally have a Companion sitting client on Monday morning but I have a feeling I will have to find someone to do that job due to this nasty cold... I would hate to give him this cold. He doesn't need something like that to add to his problems! anyways, after that client I move to a new Pet/Home sitting job. I will be there for 8 days or so.

I will be spending some of the day straightening up the house so when the clients come homethey won't have anything to do but fall into the bed!

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