23 June 2008

Jobs, Fibro, Art, Swimming, and Smoke

I started doing Pet Sitting this past Spring and it has really taken off! I start a job on Saturday that will last one week. The job ends next Saturday and I start another job that starts the same day and will last three weeks ! I also have a Companion job that will start in August and I will sit from 8:30pm to 11:00pm M-W's. I sure wish my art biz would take off like this!

I am in the process now of putting together packets of samples to send to Card Companies, Printers, and Liscensing Companies to let them know I am available for some work. I hope this does well!

I am now in the process of writing poems to go with some of my artwork so I can create an art book of my own. It has been slow going but my mind is stretching because it has been a while since I have sat down and wrote poetry.

As for that Fibro nonsense, I went through a week or so when my feet hurt fromt he ankle down , felt like I was wearing ankle boots of pain. I had recently bought some new shoes and wondered if that could be the problem so I stopped wearing them. A day or so later it was gone, but I wanted to make sure it was the shoes so I wore the new shoes for about a day. I noticed a little pain but nothing much. I stopped wearing them again and about two days later my feet have started hurting again. I have a feeling it is a fibro thing and the new shoes just induced it. I think once my feet settle down I will have to go have some shoes fitted for me.

Today after I swim I need to go buy a new bathing suit to use for when I go to the beach and when I work out in the water, the one I have now is fine for swimming laps but when I do anything else it rides up... quite uncomfortable and aggravating!

My husband bought me a laptop! I can't wait until we can get it set up! We are having a time gettting the wireless router set up but he has someone at work who will give him directions.

We are still experiencing the rolling in of smoke from the Great Dismal Fire in Carolina. This has been going on for several weeks! One of my BIL's neighbors who live across the street from him is in direct line of the fire! A really heavy steady rain is needed to stop this fire! Let's pray they will get one ASAP!

18 June 2008

Honor and Remember

A friend of mine lost his son last year in Iraq and while trying to cope with the loss he became aware that our country does not have a national symbol recognizing those that have lost their lives defending our country. When he approached our elustrious governmental officials about it he was promtly blown off so he has created a symbol (you may have seen it on the news recently) and is trying to collect enough names on a petition to have it officially recognized. Please take a moment to go to his web site www.honorandremember.org and sign his petition. Also let anyone else you might know about this as well. Thanks.

17 June 2008

All kinds of businesses!

My side biz has been taking over a lot of my time lately and I have been trying to get back into my swimming routine (I had a cold and then had a proceedure done inside a nostril due to some blood vessels that broke through the skin and gave me nose bleeds). I do have several new pictures and am working on another. Hopefully this stream of artwork will continue! I am waiting for the laptop my hubby bought me so I can access the 'Net while at a pet sitting job and not have to use someone elses computer. I have an 18 day situation coming up soon and I am hoping and praying that the computer gets here before I have to go... the price of gas is so high that I can't just jump in the car and scoot across town to do what ever I want. I can't complain about the job because it does bring in much more income than my art biz but I am hoping that will change soon!

Something to pray about: NC really needs some rain! There is a wild fire that has been burning for over a week and the fire dept can't contain it. Every day now the Tidewater area (Norfolk, Chesapeake, Va Beach etc) are covered with smoke from these fires. It comes in waves and looks like we are living in pea soup fog! Also my BIL lives on the border of Va and NC in the Dismal

Other things you can pray about: that the negotiations with the Insurance company of the girl who hit me will come to an end with a proper settlement; that I will gain understanding on how to get my art biz profitable ( due to brain fog caused by Fibromyalgia I have a hard time remembering and understanding things).

04 June 2008

Home at last!!!!!

I just finished up a week of Pet/Home Sitting and am exhausted! I caught a cold just before I went and it worked me over like a fighter in the ring! During that week I dealt with sinus problems, achies, coughing, had an in office proceedure at my ENT to have several veins that ruptured a while back and would cause nose bleeds, and you know when you are sick all you want to be is home! I made it through the week fine, just worn out. I came home yesterday and after pulling in my luggage I plopped on the bed and took a rest, then unpacked.

Over the week I did some sketching and created a new picture so I was able to rally up and make some art!

I recently bought a Pedometer to help with my exercizing. Came in handy over this last job because I had three dogs to walk so that helped immensely to let me know how many steps a day I had taken. I didn't always get the full 10,000 steps a day but a lot of the time I did. After getting up form my rest yesterday I took a walk in the neighborhood so I would get the 10,000 in. I couldn't find my ankle braces (I hve weak ankles) so while walking I ending up stretching a muscle or tendon or something! Nothing out of the usual there... I trip on air! LOL I'm not quite over the last ankle situation yet. One observation I have made is that I have been having problems on the right side of my body: ankle, nose, breast, and now my right eye is giving me fits! I have to call my Dr and have that checked out!

Okay, I need to go do my journaling now. Normally I do my journaling before I get on the computer because once I am on I have a hard time getting off then journaling gets slow because I have said a lot of the things I wanted to write down! Here I go and see if I can squeeze some more stuff out of my weary brain!

I have a short Pet sitting job this weekend, just about 4 days. I've worked there before and it is a laid back job. Later in the month I have another job then the beginning of July I begin an 18 day pet sitting job. Seems like the pet sitting situation is doing very well!

Congratulations to Senator Obama Barrack for winning the Democratic Nomination! I don't know as much as I would like about Senator Obama, research and prayer shall be required concerning him, but out of the two running I much preferred him to Clinton.... just my personal feelings. As for McCain...hmmm hmmm hmmm... I've always had problems with him.

While I was working my last job, my dear husband bought me a laptop that I can take with me when I am gone working! I am so very happy because I don't like using someone else's computer. During one job I used the clients computer and after they got back they went to use their computer it was dead! Turned out that after I left the job, the mother board died and the computer crashed! That was scary! I told hubby I wouldn't use another persons computer while on the job! Hence, I now have my very own laptop! I can't wait until it gets here so I can play on it!
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