17 June 2008

All kinds of businesses!

My side biz has been taking over a lot of my time lately and I have been trying to get back into my swimming routine (I had a cold and then had a proceedure done inside a nostril due to some blood vessels that broke through the skin and gave me nose bleeds). I do have several new pictures and am working on another. Hopefully this stream of artwork will continue! I am waiting for the laptop my hubby bought me so I can access the 'Net while at a pet sitting job and not have to use someone elses computer. I have an 18 day situation coming up soon and I am hoping and praying that the computer gets here before I have to go... the price of gas is so high that I can't just jump in the car and scoot across town to do what ever I want. I can't complain about the job because it does bring in much more income than my art biz but I am hoping that will change soon!

Something to pray about: NC really needs some rain! There is a wild fire that has been burning for over a week and the fire dept can't contain it. Every day now the Tidewater area (Norfolk, Chesapeake, Va Beach etc) are covered with smoke from these fires. It comes in waves and looks like we are living in pea soup fog! Also my BIL lives on the border of Va and NC in the Dismal

Other things you can pray about: that the negotiations with the Insurance company of the girl who hit me will come to an end with a proper settlement; that I will gain understanding on how to get my art biz profitable ( due to brain fog caused by Fibromyalgia I have a hard time remembering and understanding things).

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