04 June 2008

Home at last!!!!!

I just finished up a week of Pet/Home Sitting and am exhausted! I caught a cold just before I went and it worked me over like a fighter in the ring! During that week I dealt with sinus problems, achies, coughing, had an in office proceedure at my ENT to have several veins that ruptured a while back and would cause nose bleeds, and you know when you are sick all you want to be is home! I made it through the week fine, just worn out. I came home yesterday and after pulling in my luggage I plopped on the bed and took a rest, then unpacked.

Over the week I did some sketching and created a new picture so I was able to rally up and make some art!

I recently bought a Pedometer to help with my exercizing. Came in handy over this last job because I had three dogs to walk so that helped immensely to let me know how many steps a day I had taken. I didn't always get the full 10,000 steps a day but a lot of the time I did. After getting up form my rest yesterday I took a walk in the neighborhood so I would get the 10,000 in. I couldn't find my ankle braces (I hve weak ankles) so while walking I ending up stretching a muscle or tendon or something! Nothing out of the usual there... I trip on air! LOL I'm not quite over the last ankle situation yet. One observation I have made is that I have been having problems on the right side of my body: ankle, nose, breast, and now my right eye is giving me fits! I have to call my Dr and have that checked out!

Okay, I need to go do my journaling now. Normally I do my journaling before I get on the computer because once I am on I have a hard time getting off then journaling gets slow because I have said a lot of the things I wanted to write down! Here I go and see if I can squeeze some more stuff out of my weary brain!

I have a short Pet sitting job this weekend, just about 4 days. I've worked there before and it is a laid back job. Later in the month I have another job then the beginning of July I begin an 18 day pet sitting job. Seems like the pet sitting situation is doing very well!

Congratulations to Senator Obama Barrack for winning the Democratic Nomination! I don't know as much as I would like about Senator Obama, research and prayer shall be required concerning him, but out of the two running I much preferred him to Clinton.... just my personal feelings. As for McCain...hmmm hmmm hmmm... I've always had problems with him.

While I was working my last job, my dear husband bought me a laptop that I can take with me when I am gone working! I am so very happy because I don't like using someone else's computer. During one job I used the clients computer and after they got back they went to use their computer it was dead! Turned out that after I left the job, the mother board died and the computer crashed! That was scary! I told hubby I wouldn't use another persons computer while on the job! Hence, I now have my very own laptop! I can't wait until it gets here so I can play on it!

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