23 June 2008

Jobs, Fibro, Art, Swimming, and Smoke

I started doing Pet Sitting this past Spring and it has really taken off! I start a job on Saturday that will last one week. The job ends next Saturday and I start another job that starts the same day and will last three weeks ! I also have a Companion job that will start in August and I will sit from 8:30pm to 11:00pm M-W's. I sure wish my art biz would take off like this!

I am in the process now of putting together packets of samples to send to Card Companies, Printers, and Liscensing Companies to let them know I am available for some work. I hope this does well!

I am now in the process of writing poems to go with some of my artwork so I can create an art book of my own. It has been slow going but my mind is stretching because it has been a while since I have sat down and wrote poetry.

As for that Fibro nonsense, I went through a week or so when my feet hurt fromt he ankle down , felt like I was wearing ankle boots of pain. I had recently bought some new shoes and wondered if that could be the problem so I stopped wearing them. A day or so later it was gone, but I wanted to make sure it was the shoes so I wore the new shoes for about a day. I noticed a little pain but nothing much. I stopped wearing them again and about two days later my feet have started hurting again. I have a feeling it is a fibro thing and the new shoes just induced it. I think once my feet settle down I will have to go have some shoes fitted for me.

Today after I swim I need to go buy a new bathing suit to use for when I go to the beach and when I work out in the water, the one I have now is fine for swimming laps but when I do anything else it rides up... quite uncomfortable and aggravating!

My husband bought me a laptop! I can't wait until we can get it set up! We are having a time gettting the wireless router set up but he has someone at work who will give him directions.

We are still experiencing the rolling in of smoke from the Great Dismal Fire in Carolina. This has been going on for several weeks! One of my BIL's neighbors who live across the street from him is in direct line of the fire! A really heavy steady rain is needed to stop this fire! Let's pray they will get one ASAP!

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