06 July 2008


Hi everyone! Wow it has been a long time since I have been able to get on-line! I started a Pet sitting job a week ago yesterday and one of the cats was very sick, he has conjestive heart failure and renal failure, he was stable but she wasn't sure the cat would make it through the week (he did very well and was still alive when I left him last night.) For some reason the client decided she didn't want me connecting my laptop to her system. Once I got there and was settled I found that I couldn't do anything creative except crochet, I tried but just couldn't do it so I crocheted lace all week while watching Jane Austen movies. Then I experienced every sitters nightmare one day: I had chicken in the oven, stepped into the garage (after making sure the door wasn't set to lock) and when I went to go back in the door had locked itself! I checked with the neighbors to see if anyone had a key or knew where there was a spare (couldn't call client because she was out of the country!) and no one knew but I got a history as to why no one in the neighborhood liked my client... very strange! I called my husband and he headed out but I began to panic because it was time to get the chicken out so I called 911, hubby arrived at the same time the firetruck did and between them they got me in the house with very little damage. Get this, when I told the client what happened she started fussing and told me I was not to talk to the neighbors next door not the ones across the street... they are evil and I am not allowed to have them in her house! (?) Client was due to arrive at home last night, haven't heard anything from her yet but if I don't hear from her by noon I will head out to her house and take care of the cats. Another weird thing that happened a day after the first incident was when I went to put my earrings on one of them wasn't there. I looked everywhere in the bathroom which is where I had left them) including the drains, gave up and went to get another pair. Something caught my eye as I was getting my jewelry bag out of my suitcase: my earring was underneath the lamp in the bedroom! Have no idea how it got from point A to point B!I started a new job yesterday and this one is great! Very peaceful, situated on the river and has a swimming pool! I am watching three of the sweetest dogs and one sweet cat. I will be here for a little over 2 weeks. And I have already been able to pick up a pencil and draw! So glad to be in this house! And so glad to be able to get online again!God is good!

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