20 July 2008

Home again!

I am now at home! The client got home a few days earlier than expected. My first night home I slept until 11 when my friend was to meet me at my house so we could ride together to the Gem Show in Virginia Beach! I must have really been tired! Next day I slept until 9 and then today I was up at 8:30. Even though there isn't a lot of work doing some of these jobs, I am discovering that it takes a lot out of me so it takes a few days to recoop.

Today I need to go back to the Gem Show to get my ring resized and then meet with a client to go over the info for taking care of her cats. the lady lives a few houses down the street from me and it isn't a House sitting job so I will be at home.

Got the results from the glucose test and I do not have diabetes! That is great! I was afraid I had it because most everyone in my family has diabetes but I am the only one that had Fibromyalgia.

I have been having problems with my feet for a few months so I went to the Doc about it. He checked my feet and said he thought it was just the Fibro giving me a hard time. He gave an Rx and I have to have a fasting blood test to check and make sure there isn't anything else going on. One of the things he is looking for is Porpheria which is what my Mom had. Hopefully everything will come back clear!

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