07 July 2008

The saga continues...

Well, last night turned out to be an interesting one! First I was going to let the dogs out for thier last chore of the evening - about 11 and as I headed into the porch I tripped and fell down two steps and landed on the floor! I hurt my right wrist,both my ankles, and bruised my left hip and right knee!As if that wasn't bad enough when I let the dogs out two of them found a way to get out of the yard and took off! One showed up about 15 minutes later, called my hubby and he came out to help look for Kiwi, and called the clients to find out where her normal place she runs to. They said don't worry she will show up in about an hour. She did. I called my husband who was scoping out the neighborhood looking for her and let him know she was back so he went home. I put the dogs in the house and then got in the pool. I love to swim in a darkened pool and right then I needed to relax!

Today my husband came over with some fencing, found the spot the dogs snuck out and hopefully fixed it so they won't get out again. Of course I am not going to give them the opportunity again... I am going to put Kiwi on the line whenever she goes out! After finishing the fence, my hubby and I swam and played in the pool. One of the dogs is a die hard tennis ball player and loved for us to throw the ball into the pool so he could dive in and get it. It really was fun! Very relaxing.

Tonight I will watch TV and crochet. Very relaxing. Just what I need!


Debbie said...

I'm glad you had a good ending to your day! Hope the dogs are in to stay now. :)

Pink hugs,

cherie said...

Found you again Mersea and I am glad you are doing fairly well.

I think of you often when I come across one of you cards, or additions to one of my journals. I have always loved your work and style.

I've not been too creative, but still crafting and starting now to think ahead to the holidays.

Bob's mom passed away last week, so now we have the daughnting task of dejunking her home and then figuring out what his sister and her son are going to do. Neither has a job, nor can Bob and I support two households. Wish me luck.

Keep in contact. I miss talking and emailing.


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