29 August 2008

Thursday and Friday

I celebrated my 52nd Birthday! I went to lunch with my youngest son, had a pedicure at the Spa he manages, my sons got together and gave me a gift certificate for the spa, hubby created a masterful stuffed crust pizza, and we watched Star Trek and 24 on DVD. This was a very relaxing birthday!

My husband is in the process this morning of uploading some pictures to Ellen Million Graphics


to be sold on all kinds of cool products: baby clothes, tee shirts, mugs, tea bags, purses, etc etc etc. Go check out her site! It is marvelous!

I still can't get use to having a French Manicure on my toes! I never wear toe exposing shoes!

I swannee, you gotta just love politics... Sometimes I think some of the worlds unintelligent people open up their doors so all the world can see into their world. I will speak right now about Senator McCain since it was him I just read about. He was really smart to pick a woman as his running mate, that way he can try to steal the Hillary's women voters who are upset that Hillary didn't win. Smart that he picked a woman, but what was he thinking! Here McCain has been pointing the finger at Obama claiming he was too inexperienced to be Prez, so what does he do? He picks a woman (Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin ) who doesn't have much experience either! She dissed the VP job saying it wasn't a productive job and on top of that she is being investigated because she ordered the dismissal of Alaska's public safety commissioner because he would not fire her former brother-in-law as a state trooper.
Yes, Obama has had his 15 minutes in the "WHAT IN THE WORLD?" fame but.... Oye Vay
Ain't Politics great...

Where is Jerry Garcia when ya need him?

27 August 2008


Someone asked me how I get inspired to so my artwork. Well, a lot of pictures are taken from things that actually happened to me and I put them on paper. Some pictures are strickly made to be used as cards. Then I like to do faeries and angels. I am one who loves to look through books and magazines and undoubtedly an idea will fly into my mind. I collect all kinds of books: art books by artists, Mary Engelbreit, decorating books, hair styling books, sketch books, and I like to create "Inspirational Journals" in which I cut and glue pictures of things that speak to my heart into a notebook so later on down the road I have these journals to fall back on. I also collect cards that I fall in love with and glue them into a notebook. Lots of Inspiration at my fingertips!

26 August 2008

Sleepy day

It is sooooo beautiful out! Autumn weather! The temps won't get higher than 80 so they say, it is cloudy and there is a sweet breeze. I love this weather but when I am tired like I am today I keep dozing off. Makes it a bit hard to draw when I'm sleepy!

25 August 2008

Wanting input

I am going to do my first Arts and Craft Show in a Church on October 4.It is small and will last only four hours. I have an 8x8 space and amcontemplating ideas on how to make the most of that sized space. I would love all the input I can get!

I am also thinking of creating a costume to wear. Can't be a Mermaid cuz I might have to walk around but a Faerie would be cool! I justdon't know how the Church peeps will take it.

Christmas cards!!!!!

I have added several Christmas cards to my Etsy shop


I am offering them 10 for $16 that way they will get two free cards for the price of 8.

Most of the Christmas cards are the cards I created in the last few years to send to friends and family and every one loved them so now I am extending them to everyone!

24 August 2008

The Pizza World has gone bonkers!!!!!

I just called and ordered two pizzas and they wanted $40!!!! $40!!!!! For two pizzas!!!!!

Come on, gas prices aren't high enough to cause that much of a jump! A year ago I use to buy 2 pizzas for $22.00!

Okay, I am calming down now. I definitely will never order anything from that restaurant again!!!!

Email Addies

I am looking for a new email addie. I have gmail and yahoo but I am looking for something for something new. Anybody have any ideas?

Christmas cards!!!!!

I have just added Christmas cards to my Etsy Shop!


Come and see!


I am going to be sooooo sore tomorrow! My normal exercize regime is swimming one mile a day 5-6 times a week. Well, the pool has been closed for almost 2 weeks and it shows! So, last night I was thinking about things and decided I am going to go back to running and do both. My husband and I went out together today and we walked/ran for three miles. I love the high I get from running, it is just the pain that pops up later that I don't like! And being a Fibromite it hurts extra! I asked hubby why I had stopped running in the first place and he reminded me that it was the bottoms of my feet that hurt so bad that I couldn't barely stand on the them. Oh yeah, I remember now. Fibro pain hurts wherever it wants to whenever it wants to. I have a friend who cracks up at the different pains I get, she calls it "Julia's strange pains!"

Well, I have always enjoyed being eclectic....


I found the directions to upload but this is how it looks. Took it from my Etsy Shop... why does it look like this?

Cards, pictures, and need help!

I thought I had finished the latest Christmas card but for some reason when we printed it out the skin tones washed out. Didn't look right so this morning I have spent about an hour working in it. Hopefully what I have done will do the trick! I am really tired of working on this picture! Well, pictures are like children, sometimes they test and try you and drive you nuts! LOL

I've been so busy on that picture that I haven't had time to add some of my other Christmas cards to my Etsy Shop! As soon as the hubster gets done with this latest picture I'll be able to add some of the others. I can't do it from the laptop yet but hopefully in the near future I will.

Now I have to figure out how to add pictures to my blog. Whenever I hit the picture button, it does absolutely nothing. Anybody got ideas?

23 August 2008

Attention! People looking for Christmas cards!

I am adding a line of Christmas cards today to my Etsy Store:


Keep an eye on that shop! You've never seen cards like this before!

I got a new toy!!!!!

I went by Jerry's Artarama to pick up some new Derwent colorsoft color pencils and discovered two things: the type of art paper I like best (Bristol Smooth paper) and Art S. Buck Artist's Model! I had bought one of the smaller wooden ones and it wasn't life like enough for me, but this one was an actual human form- I got the female ( it cost $20 and use females mostly any how, maybe later I will pick up the man ... LOL that didn't sound right, did it!) They didn't have it in caucasion or African American, all they had was grey... Grey! Must be a replica of my old body! Ha ha! Anyhow I have been playing with the form to see what positions I can get it into. I just may have found a great tool for me because my peeps never are correct...

What color am I?

You Are a Blue Crayon
Your world is colored in calm, understated, deep colors.You are a loyal person, and the truest friend anyone could hope to find.On the inside, you tend to be emotional and even a bit moody.However, you know that people depend on you. So you put on a strong front.Your color wheel opposite is orange. Orange people may be opinionated, but you feel they lack the depth to truly understand what they're saying.


In reality I do love blues, but I love twilight colors which include violets and greens.

22 August 2008

I have just been peeking into etsy shops and I came upon a most gorgeous necklace! It is called


It can be found at:


21 August 2008

Visiting a meandering mind

What a glorious day it was yesterday and the weatherpeeps are saying today is to be the same! If only every Summer day could be like this! It is warm with cool breezes! When I was young I loved the HOT HOT HOT weather, back when I had a figure that would look good wearing a bikini! If I were to wear one now.... we won't go there! LOL

I am presently working on a Christmas mermaid card. I am hoping to have at least three new cards to add to my gathering of Christmas cards to sell. I will be adding the Christmas cards to my Etsy shop very soon.

Had my car worked on yesterday: motor mounts, back brakes, and few other major/minor things ... came to $700! :O Well gotta have my car unless I could find a magic carpet or a Harry Potter type car!

I saw on the news the other night about a man who added some kind of new fangled thing that gives cars twice the mile per gallon mileage. The gadget makes the car run on water and baking soda. Now that would be great to get that kind of mileage! But I got to thinking... there are many places in the world that have a water shortage and could use some of the water we use and/or waste sothis contraption would be using up valuable water that poor countries need. Well, it seems that no matter what we use it could be used for better purpose elsewhere.


I have been trying to post a picture of our latest foster dog but for some reason it won't work so I posted the website of a picture of him . Some where in this dog's life he was hit by a vehicle and the owner never did anything to get him medical help so he has to have a hip replacement and work on the leg. Unfortunately K-9 New Life ( the no-kill dog rescue we work with) doesn't have the funds so he can have the operation needed, all the money we get goes to feeding, vet care, and neutering/spaying the dogs we get. So we are now starting a fund raiser to get the money for Sequoia this operation. It will cost around $2000 I think. If anyone is interested in helping out please go to http://www.k9newlife.com/ and make a donation.

I have been wanting to add pictures to my blog but all my pics are on my computer and not (yet) on my laptop. Once I get them added to the laptop then I will attempt to post some.

Well, guess I'd best head out of cyberspace and get some stuff done. Have a great day!

19 August 2008


I just read an article saying that this particular person didn't think Michael Phelps will have the 'staying' power of advertising that Tiger Woods has because swimming is an event that draws the world crowds once every four years. They said the athletes that have endorsements long term are those in sports such as football, golf, baseball, basketball, wrestling - sports that are seen every year. Don't get me wrong, I like to watch some sports, but maybe Phelps will help bring swimming to the forefront. It really would be a great thing to have a non-violent sport for children to get interested in.

And as for J-Lo, she thinks that she is the athlete worth watching not 'that swimmer'...
excuse me? She said she is in training for a triatholon six months after giving birth to twins but everyone is too busy watching the Olympics to notice. Can you join me is saying: "Awwww poor J-Lo! It must be hard to be upstaged by real athletes...

18 August 2008

Life in my house

All day today my hubby tried to reach me on the land line and couldn't so he called me on my cell, said the phone was busy. Interesting, I wasn't home. When I did arrive home I looked about for the phone and found it under one of the cats butt which had clicked on the Talk button....

Later I was rolling some yarn to get it ready to crochet into an afghan, got up to go to the kitchen, came baack to find our foster dog running with a skein of yarn in his mouth! I swannee... you never know what is going to happen in this house!

New Faerie Magazine!

I found a new Faerie Magazine!


I ordered one magazine to see how it is. Maybe if I like it I will get a subscription. It is coming over from England so it may take a while to get here.

17 August 2008

A Slow Down

I have had a busy summer with my pet sitting business ( you know, the one that started all by itself!) and now I have a little down time to relax. Of course that could change at any time. I got a few pics created during the busy time because I brought my art supplies with me but now I can relax and create and catch up on some sleep! Come the end of September I will be mega busy for about three weeks.

16 August 2008

The life of a garden gnome.

I have this garden gnome who takes care of our tiny corner garden. For years he has been faithful to take care of his little patch. This summer he has decided he wanted to do things different. I just got his note that he is off on his THIRD VACATION! THIRD!!!! LOL The first vacation he went to Atlanta. Ga and he brought back a photo album. The second vacation he went to the West Coast and drove from San Franscisco to Portland Oregon (which is the same vacation my husband and I took last Fall) and brought back a photo album, and now his Cousin sent him tickets for G. Norm to visit him! I can hardly wait to see where he has been to this time! LOL

Now if he decides to go to the Olympics he had better take me with him!!!!!!!

Looking for gifts to give?

If you are starting to look for gifts to give at Christmas or for a birthday, go visit these stores!


Arts and Crafts Fair

I have decided to participate in an Arts and Crafts fair in a Church. I've never done one like this before so it should be interesting!

Ohhhhh this is too funny!



Oh giveaway Winners!!!!!!!!

I really need you to send me your addresses so I can send the package to you!

11 August 2008

Dear French Swim team,

I heard you had proclaimed that you were at the Olympics to "smash" the Americans... hmmmm what happened? They beat you instead! Even if you would have won, it would not have been a smash, but it is hard to beat Mermen in what they do best! I am very proud of our Mermen! It was a grand race!

Note to my son who lives in Paris: Love ya!

09 August 2008

Oh Winners!!!!!

Post your shops addies and I will post them here on my blog! I wanted to do that earlier but....

Top five winners!!!

Hylda waldron!
Diane Clancy!
Heron Kate!

Congratulations!!!! You have won!
Please email me your info: aheartofmersea@gmail.com

City, State, Zip

Cards will go out the beginning of the week.

For the others that posted, I thank you very much for visiting my Blog! But don't be discouraged, I will be having Give Aways again so stay tuned! You never know when.....

Faerie dust and Rose perfume,


A Give Away!

I have decided to host a Give Away! The next five people who post a comment on this post with their name and email address will receive a set of Mermaid cards! I will acknowledge the winners here on my Blog then contact you to get the address you want your package of cards to come!

Good luck!

08 August 2008


I was driving down the Interstate minding my very own business when I was passed by a girl on a crotch rocket. Nothing unusual about that but a minute later I saw her and realized she was wearing a purple thong!!!! How could I tell? think Plumber....


Hobbits are cool but I wanted to be an elf! Too bad I can't shoot an arrow very well, maybe if I practice.... anh, my neighbors would send me the bills from all the injuries I inflicted on them! LOL

Which Lord of the Rings Race are you?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Hobbit

Hobbits are a simple creature. They, like wizards, tend to keep to themselves although they enjoy gossip. Congratulations you are a hobbit.













07 August 2008

Take a look at my etsy shop....new pic!

My latest picture that I have added is named "Lily." I named her after a friend who was a single mother and she was working full time and going to school full time at night so she could better herself and be able to take care of her baby. I really admire a person who does all they can to better themselves even when the odds are against them!
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