31 October 2008

Cell phone advertising!

Yesterday I received a text commercial from my bank! I couldn't believe it! I never gave them permission to do anything like that and I wasn't going to put up with it! At the end of the message there was a note that says if you don't want to text then text a message saying NO. I did then I called the bank and gave them whatfore! How dare they send a message via the cell phone! We, the owners, have to pay for the texts! I then called the bank and gave them a piece of my mind about the situation and do you know what they said?

"We are allowed to refund $.20 to your account for the message." $.20 for a message that was fairly long? And the thing that really got me: she said that this is a new wave of business advertisement that a lot of businesses are now starting to use!
I think we, the citizens, need to stand up against this nonsense! I'm thinking of calling my Congressman and Senators to stand against this! If you believe as I do then start making your calls!


30 October 2008

Now this is weird!

My neighbors father died last week. He was found dead in his apt bysome friends on Tuesday and it was figured he died on Saturday. Hisgirlfriend, who didn't know he was dead, died on Sunday! Weird! sadthing is he died of liver disease and GI bleeding due to drinking andshe died of Cervical cancer that she had been told was in remission.Wow, you never know!

19 October 2008

Autumn and art

Autumn winds are finally here playing with the leaves and wind chimes! I love this time of year! I've always loved this time of year: colors are sharper, winds are cooler, the warm clothes dance out of storage and keep me warm! We usually head up to the mountains to view the color change but it doesn't look like we will be doing that this year because I am working. I guess I forgot to pencil in some personal time...

I do have some problems with this season:

~ the days get shorter

~ the hot water in the shower doesn't seem to get as warm or last as long as it did just last week!

~ the Fibromyalgia likes to flare up

But there are so many good things about the season:

~ abundance of fruit

~ cool winds

~ sharp colors

~ hot chocolate

~ imagination swells

~ bazaars, art shows, gem shows

Artist musings

I tend to create pictures for the season I am in instead of artwork that can be made into greeting cards starting in the next season or in six months.

I have decided that I need to reorganize my thoughts and directions of my art. I need to find a way to get my name and art "out there." I think I will need to quit being so tight handed with my money and get some pictures matted and framed. Seems to me people do like to buy art that way, especially originals.

Gotta think, gotta think.......

15 October 2008

What jewel are you?

If you were to decide what jewel you are what would it be?
I didn't even think about this one, I am a pearl! Why? A pearl is made when a piece of sand got inside an oyster and irritated the nonsense out of the oyster until it took action and began to work on getting rid of the pain. Well, I don't know about you but I have some irritants inside me that I am working on making the pain go away. Hopefully I will take care of them, face the pains and turn out to be as precious as a pearl!

13 October 2008

And it is only the beginning of the week!

Ugh! I am feeling yucky or puny as my hubby says! Last week the Doc put me onn Tetracycline for a bacterial infection and the longer I tookk it the worse I felt! And I didn't feel bad before I started! Anyhow, I have run the gammet from heartburn to nausea and have been guzzling Pepto Bismal. I called the Doc and he is calling in another anti biotic. Feeling bad is bad enough but I am doing a pet sitting job this week and you know as well as I do that one feels better when at home. Oh well, at least I am making money!

I am taking care of four dogs (2 greyhounds, a golden something, and I can't remember what the other dog is) and they are all soooooo cute! I love greyhounds! I am also taking care of 5 cats, two birds, and keep a bunch of outside ferral cats in food and water. Sounds like a lot of work but it isn't as bad as you think. The good thing is I can work on my art while there.

Today I found out that two dogs I took care of not too long ago passed on. They were both fairly up there in age. One dog was found to be bleeding in her stomach and had to be put down, the other had a heart attack and died. I shall miss them.

And today is only Monday!

09 October 2008

Reality and Contemplation.

I tried to put this lovely lady at the end of my post but she insisted on being first. She is a sweet gal so I let here have her way.

Phew! Finally a day in which I am not required to be flying around doing necessities then hurry off to do a companion job! It seems every day this week I have had someone having to go to the Docs or Vets. I had to go yesterday for a check up, found out I have a bacterial infection in my armpits (how did that happen?) and the doc thinks I have arthritis of the knees! Ha! How did that happen? Growing old sucks! He did say I need to go to a runners store and get a good pair of shoes to correct whatever is going on with my feet so I will be able to run without knee pain.

As much as I love my artwork, I have decided to add a variety of new items to my line up. I am going to go back into working with wood and make all kinds of crafts and designs for decorating. I am in the process of researching what is the popular type of decore for this time. If anybody has any ideas and/or knows of any good websites that would help me out, please feel free to let me know!

I have been working dilligently on crocheting a Christmas afghan for a while... I lost count of the number of rows and as a result I have made the afghan a bit larger than normal. Hopefully that will be finished soon so I can move on to another one.

Has anyone noticed a slowing in sales since this Wall Street/bank credit fiasco hit? I can't judge because I wasn't selling much before it hit. I must admit I have no understanding of the goings on of Wall Street other than it is extremely easy to lose money if your agent isn't good or on the up and up. I suppose I should take the initiative to learn about it all but me and numbers don't mix real well and Wall Street is all about numbers!

07 October 2008


I have just joined a new (to me) Blog site called Blogher. It is mainly for women... hey, I fit that category! Looks like it should be fun! I am always looking for ways to meet new people and ( okay, I am trying to remember the word I was about to type... oh well, it will come to me in the wee wee hours!) Not socialize though I do want to do that! Argh!

05 October 2008

Dog story!

What a day!!!!! One of the dogs I was sitting decided to get into mischief when I wasn't looking.... found a bag of chocolate candy bars and scarfed it paper and all! I was freaking out because I know chocolate is toxic to dogs! The Vet at the Emergency Vet said to give her a Tbsp of Hydrogen Peroixide every 10 to 20 seconds until she starts barfing.... took about a minute and then most of the bag and papers came up! Ewwwwww..... then I had to clean it up out of the yard so the other two dogs didn't decide to join in the party! Yeah, that was fun... NOT! I spent the rest of the day keeping a close eye on the naughty dog until her owners arrived. Turns out she often gets into stuff that is left on the counter... They weren't upset about it because they scheduled another weekend trip!


It's been a week since I've been able to post here, I was pet sitting at a house that didn't have wireless. I finished the job on Friday, started a one night job on Saturday and participated in an Arts and Crafts Show. Unfortunately there was a low show up therefore few of us made any money. I made one sale and that didn't cover the booth charge which was only $15! I think I'm going to have to rethink doing such shows. We'll see.
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