28 November 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving turned out to be a little different this year. Originally my youngest son and I were to meet at my house and have dinner with Hubby. I got a call about 1pm from hubby who told me he had come down with a stomach virus so we decided to do dinner another night. Called my son and explained what was going on so he made other plans and I stayed at the Pet sitting house. A few hours later hubby called and said he was feeling fine so we decided to go ahead and have dinner. I called my son and told him but he had already made other plans. So it ended up being just B and me. Of course I didn't mind because we hadn't seen much of each other for the last few days. After dinner I got a message to my oldest son who lives in France wishing me a Happy Thanksgiving and told me what he was thankful for and I called him for a nice chat. It is so funny to speak to him because my boy now sports a French accent! )Living over there French is now his main language so it makes sense that he thinks in French which makes for an interesting conversation on my side of it!

26 November 2008

Working this Thanksgiving.

Right at this time I am pet sitting at 'my' house on the river in Va Beach! It is warm outside (comparatively speaking), I have the porch doors open to let in some cool air, the sun is pouring in and I am feeling quite at ease! I am working on a new picture that is of an angel with two dogs. If the pic turns out well I will donate some to K-9 New Life (our dog rescue) so they can sell them to help with expenses, we run on such a low budget and often have to host dog washes to get enough money for Vet bills and so forth.

Tomorrow I will go home for Turkey Dinner, the hubby and my youngest son are doing the honors this year. It feels weird to be 'going home' to my house for a holiday meal!

Meanwhile I will be playing with dogs, enjoying the sunset over the river, doing my artwork, watching movies and TV shows, and relaxing. Man I love this job!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

21 November 2008


Last night as I was going to sleep I had a flash of inspiration for a childrens book to write and illustrate. I didn't have paper nearby and I was so tired I couldn't get out of bed so I kept chanting it in my head thinking that would help me remember it. Guess what... nada. I'm sure though that it will come back to me....


We had someone interested in adopting Sequoia until they found out he needed an operation. Even though the Rescue will be paying for the operation they weren't interested in doing his rehab which will be extensive. So, the decision has been made that he will not be put up for adoption until after he has had the operation and gone through rehab. So far we don't have a Doc who can do the surgery. The head of the rescue, after a long discussion with the rescue's vet, to not do the operation until it is evident that he is in pain because the operation could be tramatic for him, so it looks like Sequoia will be with us for quite so time... I have a feeling he won't be going anywhere... he is already joined at the hip with my hubby!

18 November 2008

Head and eye problems

Well, it has been a week today that I started having weird dizzy spells. Don't know what is causing them but I will be going to Drs tomorrow concerning them. The first spell happened in my sleep. I rolled over and suddenly it felt like the whole earth was spinning around. Same thing has happened from time to time during waking hours. I am often light headed and sometimes when I bend over I get a dizzy spell and start to black out.

I am thinking it may have something to do with my eyes. The Fibromyalgia often makes my eyes feel strained and that causes headaches. I have several pairs of glasses that I switch back and forth using depending how my eyes are feeling. Sometimes I will get eye strain when wearing one pair of glasses and change to another, there are two Rx glasses and two Dollar Store glasses. I do a lot of drawing so I am figuring that my eyes are acting up due to this. I take breaks from time to time to rest my eyes but that doesn't seem to help. I hope we get to the bottom of this soon, I'm tired of all these symptoms!

12 November 2008


I love to journal, that is a definite fact. Something about having a pen in my hand and seeing my thoughts flow onto a page makes me feel peaceful. Problem is that I often can't journal when I get ahah moments or special thoughts because I am doing things like driving, out with a friend, exercizing, etc. And another thing is do I really want someone reading my personal thoughts after I am gone? Find out about my sins, my good side, my angry side? I have a huge foot locker full of journals and I am pondering burning them.... one of those wonderful just got up in the morning thoughts.

10 November 2008

Why do I bother?

It happens every time I go to the Beauty Shoppe: I give the beautician a complete discription of what I want done, practically draw a picture for them and then they screw it up bad! I left the shoppe with the front of my hair about one inch long.... combine that with long one length hair and what do you have? Ugly! LOL I need to go back to cutting my own hair!
Do you know they charge to dry your hair? and they charge if they use a round brush to dry your hair with? and they charge to curl your hair so they can try to figure out a nice style out of their mess? Geesh! Beauticians

Looking for an old friend

A million years ago in the mid 1970's I was blessed to hear and meet a Christian musician named Rick Eldridge who is from Mount Holly, NC. I am wanting to get his CD's of his music. If anyone knows him or knows where I can get the CD's, please let me know! He was a blessing to me and my friends!

05 November 2008

Our Halloween babies!

Here are our furry babies: The blonde's name is Dylan (he was a rescue that no one wanted but us - someones loss!), James Bond (Sequoia - aka Bear-face because he looks like a loveable bear)our present rescue who is getting ready to have hip surgery), and the devil (King - rescued almost 12 years ago). Ain;t they gorgeous!

04 November 2008

Voting Day

I just got home from voting... spent 5 very long hours in line! I got there at 9:30am and voted 5 hours later when the line only had a 45 minute wait- and people were complaining! turns out my district is the 2nd largest district in the City of Norfolk and they only had 7 booths! Then one went down, then and only then did they bring in 2 more booths!

To the Elected President: you owe all of the 2nd largest District foot and body massages!!!!

To all the "Independent Party" delegates: How do you expect to even have a chance to win an election if you don't let people know you are running?

03 November 2008


Well isn;t that sweet.... it is going to rain on election day!

02 November 2008

For the last few months I have been becoming increasingly unhappy with my art style and with my art biz. I have started sketching a lot so I can get better and am trying new things. My husband says I should take some art lessons like watercolour so I can broaden my horizens so I will contact some of the local artists to see who gives lessons.

As for the biz end, I have an etsy shop but nothing seems to be selling. Could be the current economy, I don't know. I told my hubby today that I need to start making prints to sell instead of greeting cards, it is obvious that cards aren't selling. I won't stop selling them but they won't be the main focus. I have been researching the latest decorating styles so I could make some crafts that would fit in to sell. I know Primitive is big (nowadays Primitive is nothing like what Primitive was when I was decorating back in the day!) but so far what I have seen that type of decore isn't what I would use so I think I would have a hard time creating it.

At one point I was thinking of doing Home Shows in which what I bring with me is for immediately sale but that seems like it would really be hectic to constantly be making crafts instead of my art, I would need a huge inventory and I don't have that kind of money. Then I would have to come up with ideas of things to make. I have considered taking other peoples crafts to sell and I get a percentage but so far no one seems interested. I do have some art for sale through


and l


but sales are slow to nothing. I did an arts and crafts show and that was a flop, will prolly try another one eventually. So I am at a loss as what direction to go into. I have read some of the artists bios and they say that they were approached by companies about liscensing their work... wish I knew how to get into their viewing sight! Ah well, I guess I need to contemplate and research some more._________________

01 November 2008

Symptoms of heart attack in women

Being of a certain age in which people are more prone of having a heart attack, I decided to look up symptoms of attacks in women because it has come to my attention that the symptoms in women are different. This is what I found:
"Every year hundreds of thousands of women die as the result of a heart attack or other cardiovascular disease.

What many people, including many healthcare professionals, don't realize is that the symptoms of heart attack in women are often different than in men. Women are more likely to experience nausea, dizziness, and anxiety as symptoms that indicate a heart attack.
Chest pain-may also include back pain and/or deep aching and throbbing in one or both arms.
Breathlessness and/or inability to catch your breath when waking up.
Clammy sweating.
Dizziness--unexplained lightheadedness, possible blackouts.
Anxiety--unusual nervousness, feelings of impending doom.
Edema--fluid retention and swelling usually of the ankles or lower
Cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death in women and it is the most preventable cause of death. Women should pay particular attention to these symptoms and seek immediate advice from a healthcare professional if these symptoms occur.
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