30 December 2008

A New Adventure

Today I went to take a test to work the 2010 census. While sitting around the table we were all discussing various jobs and ideas for making money. I brought up Arbonne and was explaining about the products and a gentleman asked me if I used the products. I said yes and he said it looks very good, very good. How about that!

I have been turning over in my mind about becoming a consultant for Arbonne for a few days and I had an appointment with Katrina who id a New Independent Consultant, National Vice President this evening to sign up... guess the products are working!

27 December 2008


Well, some ole 'friends' have popped in for a visit and I hope it is a very short one! Sounds nasty don't it? Ha! They are Fibromyalgia flare-up, Restless Leg Syndrome, and pure agonizing grumpiness! Scared ya, didn't I! Thought you were finally seeing the hidden me! LOL The Restless Leg Syndrome started the day after I started using my 'new' elyptical machine! I may have to search for another one that starts off flat then angles as I get better at it. The one I just got starts at a 10 degree angle...

I've been studying some artistis websites and saw some of them had an artist's resume. Hmmmmmm...... I could do that! Not that I have a ton of public things but I can gather together what I have done and watch it grow. I've two things on my resume right now but donations and shows I've done are popping back into my head. I have journaled about them online and offline so now I have to go search the paths in the journals.

One lady I have been talking to suggested I start creating posters for charities, donate them to them, and let the news paper know about them. God bless her, Mary Katherine has been emailing me with all kinds of new ideas! Being as she is a published author I'm sure she knows!

I have been toying with the party plan again. This time I am thinking of expanding my art to painting on wood, a variety of items such as tee shirts, purses, book bags, gift tags, book markers, and other things, then have a cash and carry show. You see it, you can buy it and carry it on home! I have been researching some home based businesses and I've seen several that have tweaked my interest. I've been looking for one that is rather new to the area.

One I am considering is selling Arbonne skin care products. I went to a gathering at a neighbors house and tried them out and loved them. I booked a gathering and sold over $829 worth of products so I got $300 worth of free products! In the process of the Gathering I found out that the wife of a friend of ours started selling Arbonne and is doing quite well. I would love to do quite well, too! Anyways, I could use having an income so I can supply my artistic habit! I think between the Pet Sitting Biz, selling cards and prints , and maybe Arbonne, I could feel a bit more at ease.

Oh yeah, Norm - my yard Gnome has disappeared again! I wonder where he went on vacation this time? LOL

25 December 2008

Like my artwork?

Merry Christmas!!!!!

This is a very different Christmas this year for us! Artificial tree, warm weather, and just hanging around the house. We have Christmas music filling the air... Enya, Loreena McKennitt, and a multitude of Celtic Artists serinading us while we are cooking dinner.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas/Holiday!

21 December 2008

A new sketch...

Well, I thought it was going to be a sketch! Get me with a pencil in my hand and a movie on the computer or TV and things tend to expand its horizons! LOL
Tell me what you think.

20 December 2008

19 December 2008

What a week!

Last weekend started it! The hot water pump broke and we couldn't get a plumber until Monday. I went to the pool to work out, did 30 minutes onan elyptical, got in the pool and started walking, 3 minutes into the walk the life guard blew the whistle and told everyone they were closing the pool due to fecal matter in the water! YUCK! That evening my left hamstring started hurting - I twisted it somehow. I went to Walmart for something, bent down to tie my shoe and fell backwards flat on my butt infront of the doors! Embarrassing! We bought an artificial tree and yesterday while I was decorating it I twisted my left knee and had to bandage it up. Early in the week my treadmill died which ticked me off but last night we bought an elyptical machine!

Now things are getting better!

Mersea Give aways

Congratulations to Tammy and Valerie! Both gals figured out the puzzle and answered at the same time! Packages are on the way! Hope you enjoy!

17 December 2008


I have decided to start sketching to increase my skill level. I haven't sketched much in years, once in a while but nothing much. I decided I needed to get back to it so my artwork would look better. Right now I am working on an angel astride a horse. I'll post it here once I have finished it.o

14 December 2008

Quick _ a Give Away!

Quick- a GIVE AWAY! The first to find the cards with the "Ring of Joy" will win a set of any four cards of their choosing!

Convo me with answer!
Merry Christmas!!!!

11 December 2008


Ever feel void of feelings when Christmas rolls around? Usually I have lots of Christmas spirit but this year ... nothing. It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. I'm not depressed just blah. I haven't even gotten a tree yet and usually get my tree shortly after Thanksgiving! What is going on? We were thinking of getting a live tree so that after the Holidays we could plant it outside but no one is selling them around here.

I was just thinking that maybe I should get a fake tree instead of a cut tree that way I won't have to decorate it every year (I must admit I get tired of decorating a tree every year.)

Okay, I'm looking for a cloud of Christmas spirit to cover me right about now!

09 December 2008

Art and Arbonne

I just finished two new pics, one of which has already been added to my etsy shoppe (http://www.aheartofmersea.etsy.com/). That pic is the Guardian Angel of dogs (well, I do work with a dog rescue). I just finished the Guardian Angel of Cats (well, I do have two cats).

I had a great idea for a Guardian angel of children but for some reason yesterday I couldn't get my idea on paper. I'm guessing it is because I did a lot of things yesterday and my mind was spinning... every once in a while I will have a symptom of labrynthitis (sorta like vertigo) and that may be what is going on. I finally got back to the pool to swim a mile and I felt a little swirly afterall, I am swimming in a circle sorta.

I had an Arbonne Show at my house Saturday and I was really shocked at the amount of sales I had! Over $800 and still have some residual orders coming in. I'm half tempted to sell this stuff- we just found out that the wife of a friend sells it and makes big bucks! I've been looking at businesses that are home party based. I use to sell Home Interiors years ago but when I moved to Norfolk everyone and their Momma sold it therefore I didn't do well so I dropped it. I'm looking at a couple of companies that I haven't seen around my area, I figure that would build interest. and of course in the meantime I will be working with my art and trying to get that in stores!
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