29 January 2009

King, crochet, Arbonne, exercize

Poor old King had received a terrible injury from a diaper he was wearing (the boy is almost 15 and has lost control of his bladder) and after weeks of meds and carefulplacement of a makeship diaper, the injury would not heal. So the Vet had to perform a minor operation to stictch up the gapping wound. In all honesty, they weren't sure he would make it through the operation but he did. He will be wearing the Elizabethan collar for a while... I feel so bad for him to have to wear the collar and the diaper... the diaper is bad enough.

I recently started making lapghans for charity. I got out my stash of yarn, bought some newer yarn and my fingers have been flying, crocheting lapghans and granny squares. Yesterday, while at Walmart, I was checking out the yarn and discovered a yarn by Caron and was shocked to see that it is made from recycled plastic bottles! the yarn is very strong, soft, and the colors are gorgeous! I wanted to buy some right there and then but I have so much yarn already so I am trying to go through the yarn I presently have!

I have been doing a lot of studying for my Arbonne business, there is a lot to learn! In the meantime I am speaking with people about having a show at there home. So far I have one scheduled, I will be hosting one myself, and I have two or three other ladies that want to have shows in March. If anyone here in cyberspace is interested in ordering Arbonne products let me know and I will be glad to process your order!

I have decided I need to work out more. Sometimes it is hard to get to the pool everyday right now so I have been usiing my Elyptical machine. I also have some hand weights that I use several times a day to help get my upper torso in shape. I am doing stretches on and off throughout the day, and will be adding other exercizes to my list. I have several tapes: tae Bo, belly dancing, "Be a Loser" and a few others that I can work out with. Every little bit helps, yes?

28 January 2009

I have a dilema!

Well, for some reason I am getting no sales on Etsy, Artfire, and Ebay. Nothing. So I started looking around for some kind of home biz I can do that should bring in some money (besides the Pet Sitting jobs). I went to an Arbonne Party and was really impressed with the products! So I had a party at my house and I was shocked at how many people actually bought stuff (considering the economy the way it is). So I decided to give it the ole college try. Then I ran into a problem... ever since I decided to be an Arbonne Consultant my creativity seems to have dried up! I sit staring at the paper while holding a pencil and not a single spark ignites. I research through my art books, Mucha books, Waterhouse books, all kinds of books but my mind stays blank! One good thing that comes of this is when I get frustrated I pick up my crochet and work on an afghan or granny square (I have started making afghans to give to charities [ one can only have so many afghans in a house!])

So, what do you do when you find yourself in a situation like this?

26 January 2009

Dr Plotnick

This is an article that appeared in our newspaper. I myself was a patient of Dr Plotnick's until there was a change in Insurance policies. I was monitored very carefully by the Doc and when I was prescribed heavy meds my Insurance did not refuse. And I was never on the narcotics or heavy drugs for a long period, just long enough to do what was expected to be done and then I was off. When I had a visit with the Dr I always rec'd a written review of what was said and done, how to take meds, possible side effects to look for and a Rx for just a couple of pills to see if it was a proper med for me.(I always read and reread the information before I started taking the meds - yes I am a worry wart- I wanted to make sure I understood what the meds were being used for and what to look out for. There were times that I took the beginner samples and then refused to take them because I didn't like the way it made me feel or didn't want to take those particular drugs and the Dr would try soprescribe something else.) Dr Plotnick always encouraged me to exercize, always asked for a list of the drugs I was taking including OTC and vitamins. Yes, I saw his Nurse Practicianers (they were great!) who were very knowledgable on the illnesses which I have and they always went to the Dr at the end of the appointment for him to look over the notes and approve or change the Rx's that I was to take. Often he would pop into the room to say hi and talk to me himself about what was going to be done. And even after I left him, if I had a question, he would either call me back himself or give the answer to the Nurse to relay it to me.

I can remember being in the office when there was a problem with a patient who had a random drug test done and was found to have abused the meds, the Dr went in and refused to give any more drugs and referred the patient to a clinic to get help for their addictive problem. You don't see that happen every day. And there were times when a first time patient was turned away due to paperwork from other Drs who declared them to be addicts or it was apparent through talking to them and watching them. Sometimes they slipped under the radar because the people didn't list all the meds and OTC's they were on. Can you blame a Dr for neglegence when the patient hasn't been truthful?

To the families of the patients that passed away you have my heartfelt sorrow.

5 patients died on his watch. Now his license is on the line.
Posted to: Health and Medicine News

Stephen Plotnick , a Virginia Beach doctor specializes in treating fibromyalgia, a disorder characterized by widespread pain and heightened sensitivity to touch. (Barbara J. Woerner file photo |The Virginian Pilot)


What is fibromyalgia?
Officially recognized as an illness by the AMA in 1987, the disorder is not life-threatening. Symptoms include body aches, stiffness, soft tissue tenderness and general fatigue. It’s often associated with depression. Recommended treatments include exercise, sleep-restoration therapy, antidepressants and non-narcotic pain relievers. An estimated 10 million people, mostly women, are affected in the United States. Its cause is unknown, there are no outward symptoms, and there is no cure.

Those who died
Teresa Parker Plotnick began prescribing drugs for her in August 2005. On May 30, 2008, she died from “acute combined oxymorphone and amphetamine poisoning.” A $5 million lawsuit was filed last week by Parker’s widower.

Harold McDuffie II Plotnick began prescribing narcotics for him in April 2005. On Feb. 5, 2006, McDuffie died from an overdose of drugs. McDuffie’s widow filed a lawsuit, and Plotnick settled the case in June for an undisclosed amount.

Taryn Holland Plotnick started prescribing narcotics for Holland in March 2005. On March 30, 2008, she was found dead of an overdose of methadone and other drugs, including drugs prescribed by Plotnick on March 19.

Patient M Plotnick began prescribing drugs for her in May 2004. On March 3, 2005, the Board of Medicine alleges, Plotnick doubled her dosage of oxycodone without giving her proper instructions. She died two days later.

Patient O Dr. Stephen Plotnick began treating her in December 2003. On Feb. 19, 2004, she died of an overdose of drugs that included narcotics Plotnick had prescribed during her last visit on Feb. 11, records show.

By Bill Sizemore
The Virginian-Pilot
© January 25, 2009

A Virginia Beach doctor who has treated thousands of patients for chronic pain could have his medical license revoked after at least five patients died under his care.

Dr. Stephen Plotnick faces a hearing this week before the Virginia Board of Medicine, which suspended his license in August, citing “a substantial danger to the public health or safety.”

Plotnick specialized in treating fibromyalgia, a little-understood disorder characterized by widespread pain and heightened sensitivity to touch.

He was known for his aggressive treatment of the disorder, often prescribing powerful narcotics. In at least five cases, patients died of overdoses. In other cases, patients were hospitalized for severe depression and addictive symptoms.

Plotnick also has been named as a defendant in six malpractice lawsuits, one of which has been settled.

If the Board of Medicine revokes Plotnick’s medical license, he would join a tiny percentage of Virginia’s 25,000 doctors who have received the board’s severest penalty. Last year, the board revoked 56 licenses; only four were for prescription-related breaches of medical standards.

Plotnick’s record of fatal cases dates at least to December 2003, when he began prescribing narcotics for a woman identified only as Patient O in Board of Medicine records.

The board alleges that he continued prescribing the drugs despite noting in his records that the woman was unclear about how to take them properly. The combination of medications caused her to complain several times of nausea and vomiting.

Two months later, on Feb. 19, 2004, she died of an overdose of drugs that includ ed narcotics Plotnick had prescribed during her last visit on Feb. 11.

That same month, two other patients were admitted to a psychiatric center for treatment of severe depression and detoxification from the drugs Plotnick prescribed.

In May 2004, Plotnick began prescribing narcotics for another woman, Patient M. The board alleges that he continued the treatment despite being told by the patient, her family members and other doctors that she might be overmedicated and might not be following Plotnick’s dosing instructions.

On March 3, 2005, the board alleges, Plotnick doubled Patient M’s dosage of oxycodone, marketed under the trade name OxyContin , without giving her proper instructions, even though he knew she had previously had trouble understanding his dosing instructions. He also prescribed a combination of antidepressants, including sertraline and nortriptyline.

Two days later, on March 5, Patient M died. Two forensic toxicologists and a medical examiner concluded that her death was the result of “acute combined drug toxicity (of) oxycodone, sertraline, and nortriptyline.”

The same month, Plotnick began prescribing narcotics for Taryn Holland, a young Chesapeake mother of three. Again, the board alleges, he continued the therapy despite concerns about overmedication voiced by the patient, her husband and another physician. Plotnick is said to have advised her to manage her own medications and to adjust the dosages as she saw fit.

On March 30, 2008, Holland was found dead in the bathroom of her home of an overdose of methadone and other drugs, including drugs prescribed by Plotnick during her last visit March 19. She was 29.

According to a $1.9 million lawsuit filed by Holland’s widower in October, Plotnick did not examine Holland during the final 15 months of her life but instead delegat ed her care to his office personnel.

The case is set for trial in August.

A month after he began treating Holland, in April 2005, Plotnick began prescribing narcotics for Harold McDuffie II, a Virginia Beach father of two. He continued the treatment, the board alleges, despite noting in his records that McDuffie had shown “inappropriate or irresponsible behavior” in relation to his medications, including requesting early refills.

On Feb. 5, 2006, McDuffie was found dead sitting at his computer. He was 37. The cause of death was an overdose of drugs that included oxycodone and hydromorphone .

McDuffie’s widow filed a $1.8 million lawsuit in September 2007. Plotnick settled the case in June for an undisclosed amount .

In August 2005, Plotnick began prescribing narcotics for a Virginia Beach woman, Teresa Parker. On May 30, 2008, she was seen having an apparent seizure in her locked car in the parking lot of Janaf Shopping Center. Rescue workers broke in and took her to Sentara Leigh Hospital, where she was declared dead of “acute combined oxymorphone and amphetamine poisoning.” She was 48.

A $5 million lawsuit filed last week by her widower alleges that Plotnick’s “unabated negligence” compounded Parker’s psychiatric and pain management problems with overmedication, addiction and major depression.

Marsha Coogan went to Plotnick in 2003 after seeing a succession of doctors who seemed unable to deal with her fibromyalgia. She had been diagnosed with the disorder after severing her Achilles tendon in a kitchen accident in 1999.

Coogan, 48, a Chesapeake mother of two, suffered from migraine s and pain in her neck, back and knees that forced her to give up her job as a school bus driver. Once a five -mile-a-day jogger, she had quit running.

Plotnick “was very charismatic, very upbeat,” she said. “He would bounce around with a big grin on his face. He thought I was going to be an easy case. He said he’d get me back running in no time. He was so easy to trust.”

According to a $5 million lawsuit Coogan filed last week , Plotnick put her on a variety of powerful medications, including Actiq , which is approved only for managing severe cancer pain, and failed to monitor her intake.

One morning in October 2006, Coogan said, “I woke up and could not breathe.” As her husband drove her to Chesapeake Regional Medical Center , “I thought I was going to die before I got there.”

That was the first of three hospitalizations. Coogan’s lawsuit alleges that the cocktail of potent drugs prescribed by Plotnick led to a cascade of adverse drug interactions, overmedication and addiction.

Plotnick, 46, a rheumatologist, initially was licensed to practice medicine in Virginia in 1993. He has lectured widely on fibromyalgia and chronic pain management and was named a “physician of choice” for fibromyalgia care by a local support group.

He was selected by drugmaker Pfizer Inc. to help market Lyrica , the first drug approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for treating fibromyalgia.

He did not respond to interview requests for this report.

In a 2003 interview with The Virginian-Pilot, Plotnick said he believed that most fibromyalgia patients weren’t treated aggressively enough:

“Many times, those with fibromyalgia feel helpless, but they shouldn’t give up hope. There is a combination treatment that works for every individual.”

Some of Plotnick’s patients defend him, saying he saved them from a life of intolerable, debilitating pain.

Christine Gauss, 53, of Chesapeake developed fibromyalgia after she was in a car accident in 2001. The pain she experienced in her neck and back afterward wouldn’t go away, and she developed flulike aches in muscles and joints throughout her body.

She went to an array of doctors, even an acupuncturist, but couldn’t find relief until she went to Plotnick in 2003.

“I was running into walls, and he understood,” she said. “He knew how to help me.”

Gauss said it took about a year to find the right combination of drugs, which included several narcotics.

“Without the meds, I can’t function,” she said. “I would not be able to work or do anything. I’d go insane because of the pain. I wish more doctors would realize it’s a disease, that it’s real and that people suffer from it.”

After Plotnick’s license was suspended, Gauss struggled to find a doctor who would prescribe the same medications. As soon as she told some doctors’ offices she had been seeing Plotnick, they wouldn’t accept her as a patient.

“They have their own opinion,” she said. “Some do not believe in it. They say: 'It’s all in your head.’”

If Plotnick gets his license back, Gauss said, she’ll be first in line to return.

“I have been going to him for years, and he was nothing but professional and helpful. He understands. He’d say, 'We will figure this out. We will make you feel better.’ He truly wanted to help people with fibro – that was his goal.”

Fibromyalgia is a mysterious ailment, even controversial in some quarters. Some critics regard it as psychosomatic. Its cause is unknown; there is no cure, nor is there any objective test to confirm it. There are no outward symptoms; to those around them, sufferers appear normal.

Its history as a medical diagnosis is brief: The term was coined in 1976, and it was recognized as an illness by the American Medical Association in 1987.

According to the National Fibromyalgia Association, the disorder affects an estimated 10 million people in the United States, mostly women. Symptoms include widespread body aches, stiffness, soft tissue tenderness, general fatigue and sleep disturbances. It often is associated with depression.

Most researchers agree that the trigger for the disorder lies not in the affected muscles and tissues themselves but in the central nervous system, which somehow misfires and sends the wrong sensory signals to the brain, amplifying the pain.

Recommended treatments include exercise, sleep-restoring therapy, antidepressants and non-narcotic pain relievers. The disorder is not life-threatening – sufferers face the prospect of living with it for decades – so narcotics generally are considered a last resort because of the potential for addiction.

Board of Medicine records document 19 cases in which Plotnick prescribed narcotics, sometimes as many as four at a time. Frequently, the board alleges, he allowed patients to manage their own medications – telling them to try first one, then another to find what worked best – and failed to monitor them adequately.

In an e-mail interview, Dr. William Harp, executive director of the state board, said he could not comment on the Plotnick case beyond what is available in the board’s public documents. Those don’t indicate how the case first gained the attention of the board.

In general, he said, board investigations are spurred by complaints and by malpractice lawsuits that result in paid claims.

Plotnick also is a defendant in two other pending lawsuits.

In May 2008, Albert Fary Jr., a longtime Portsmouth lawyer, sued for $2 million, alleging that drugs prescribed by Plotnick caused brain damage that forced Fary to give up his law practice.

In October, Courtney Guy of North, a small community near Gloucester, sued for $2.2 million, alleging that Plotnick inappropriately prescribed high doses of the cancer-pain drug Actiq for her chronic pain, fibromyalgia and headaches, causing permanent injuries and disability.

Marsha Coogan, the Chesapeake patient driven by her husband to Chesapeake Regional Medical Center , spent two weeks in the intensive-care unit hooked up to a ventilator with double pneumonia. According to her lawsuit, doctors there concluded that the multiple medications had depressed her respiratory system.

Over the next seven months Coogan was hospitalized twice more: at Virginia Beach Psychiatric Center, where doctors diagnosed her with possible “physician-aided” drug dependence, and Sentara Bayside Hospital, where Plotnick himself concluded that Coogan was overmedicated and addicted, according to the lawsuit.

Nevertheless, the lawsuit alleges, Plotnick kept putting her back on the narcotics.

“Marsha lost 4½ years with her husband and children because she was a complete zombie,” said her lawyer, John Heilig. “She was constantly in a state of overmedication and addiction.”

Finally, by July 2007, Coogan had had enough. She found another doctor in the Yellow Pages who gradually weaned her off most of the drugs. Her treatment now consists mainly of physical therapy, exercise, acupuncture, vitamins and a more-nutritious diet.

She still has pain, Coogan said, but it is manageable. Most important, she feels alive again.

“I’m awake. I have a new appreciation for life,” she said. “I still panic at times when I think about where I’ve been.

“To say I’ve been through hell is too simple.”

Pilot writer Elizabeth Simpson contributed to this report.

Bill Sizemore, (757) 446-2276, bill.sizemore@pilotonline.com

25 January 2009

10th Anniversary coming up

Our 10th Anniversary is coming up in April and we haven't decided on a destination. We have thought about: Cancun, Sedona, AZ, Florida, The Caribbean, Costa Rica... but can't really come up with anything that catches our interest.

Both of us would prefer an adult only place... the one and only Cruise we went on there was a kid that had chicken pox and I had never had chicken pox...
What we are looking for is a peaceful place, quiet, has some physical activities such as hiking, biking, swimming, snorkeling... my husband simply can not sit still for long, me- I can enjoy sitting on the beach, reading, writing, drawing, having people wait on me (this is a rare occurance), meeting people and making friends, and participating in some activities. And definitely somewhere in the South where it is warm.

Any ideas?

22 January 2009

My little Valentine.

Here she is! All finished. I wasn't going to let you know she was a faerie but she played tricks with my yarn so.... LOL

21 January 2009

The InAuguration

Today I am really tired. I stayed up really late - midnight... I'm not the young thing I was when I stayed up for 24 hours straight! I know better than to stay up that late but sometimes I just didn't get enough crochet time or there is something special on TV like The Inaugural which I forgot was yesterday. I guess I will have to watch it on the computer.

I was thinking about this last night, will Obama still claim he is African American now that he is President?

I am trully glad a man of color has become Our leader, maybe now this hate nonsense will go away! He will be a role model for other men of color because he shows them that they ,too, can further themselves, that there is no stigma to have an education and become someone.(An African American friend told me this - her words not mine.)

Up until now I have liked the outfits that the First Lady has worn but the gown she wore last night was not to my taste. I would have liked to see her in a more flattering dress, red or any other color, with an over the shoulder strap. I wonder what Co-Jo had to say about it?

20 January 2009

Norfolk Snow.

The 'weathermen' were calling for snow last night, then they changed it to this morning starting at 6:30, now they are saying it is going to come late this afternoon.... if we get snow it will probably do like it always does - snow when we are asleep so we won't know if it really happened or not!

I am soooooo frustrated!

A while back I added Adsense to my blog. Now I want to add another one but when I sign into my account I get a thing that is wanting me to update my info. When I finally manage to get off that page and onto my account, I do not get the page that has the reports and how to get your ad code. What is worse I have not been able to find a way to contact them to get this problem resolved! Argh!

Picture Up-to-date

Haven't had much time to work on her but she is coming alomg.

16 January 2009


Here's my girl outlined. Now I will add color and other images to the picture.

New Sketch

This is a little faint but I am about to start the outline so it will be darker.

15 January 2009

"Pay it Forward"

For quite some time I have been wanting to do something for others. I heard about a quilt group that makes lap quilts and sends them to the hospital in Germany that our wounded soldiers go to and they give them each a quilt for them to keep. I like quilting but that takes forever for me to make. Now I love to crochet, find it very relaxing and I find I tend to pray when I am crocheting. Well, it dawned on me that a house can only have so many afghans and everyone I know already has one so I decided to find a way to help others by giving them lapghans. I visited a crochet/knit group and they have charities that they donate their crochet and knit items to. I decided I want to donate mine to the soldiers. I began looking around, researching and finally I have found one. That will be one way I can "Pay it forward."

I know we all tend to focus on ourselves when we are feeling bad or ill so maybe this would be a good way to help ourselves feel better... and if you pray while making your creation, the prayers won't go unheard and will build up the people that receive it.

14 January 2009

For our soldiers

I am looking for a charity that sends lap sized afghans to the hospital that our injured soldiers are sent to so that when they arrive they will receive an afghan of their own to keep. Anybody know of one?

Wednesday Update

I just finished a pet sitting job Monday evening and am recooperating now. It is not a hard job but due to health problems that kind of change (living in someone elses house taking care of their dogs) causes fatigue sometimes when I am at their house and always when I get home. I spent most of yesterday on the couch resting, crocheting, and watching TV. I did do some house work but have to do it a little at a time.

We have a new foster dog. She is a beagle named Pebbles. Monday she had an operation to remove a cherry on her eye (a big red thing that grows on the eyelid). Now for the next few weeks she will have to wear an Elizabethen collar to keep her from messing with it.

I finished one lapghan and am half way through a second. I love to crochet because it is relaxing, I can do it while watching TV, and gives me time to pray.

10 January 2009

Crochet for charity

I love to crochet, so very soothing. Problem is one can have only so many afghans so I began to look for a charity to donate hand made afghans. I joined a knit/crochet group and I am still looking.

Here is Yesterdays post: Depression Friday

(I had this post all finished and suddenly it changed pages and all the info was gone... )

I woke up this morning feeling depressed, don't know why. Crawled out of bed, let the dogs out, fed them and the cat, then played on the computer for a while. I finally left, did some errands then went to the pool and swam a mile. Exercize usually lifts my spirits which it did .... for a little while, then I felt depressed again. Geesh, I hate days like this!

08 January 2009

ACTS 2:38

An elderly woman had just returned to her home from an evening of Church services when she was startled by an intruder. She caught the man in the act of robbing her home of its valuables and yelled,

"Stop! Acts 2:38! " (Repent and be baptised, in the name of Jesus Christ so that your sins may be forgiven.)

The burglar stopped in his tracks. The woman calmly called the police and explained what she had done. As the officer cuffed the man to take him in, he asked the burglar,

"Why did you just stand there? All the old lady did was yell a scripture to you."

"Scripture?" replied the burglar. "She said she had an Axe and Two 38's!"

06 January 2009

Here she is!

I finished this Valentine girl today... hope you like her! I honestly stand amazed at what shows up on the page whenever I do a picture! I show up, put pencil to paper and .... tah dah! Look at what evolves!

A rainy day and fibromyalgia

Looks like it will be a rainy day today but I don't mind. To me a rainy day is a day for being cozy. Some people say rainy days are dismal but I think they are looking at it all wrong.

Yesterday I began to have the symptoms of catching the flu, problem is I can never tell if I am actually catching the flu or a cold because fibromyalgia mimicks the symptoms. Today I am tired but the flu like symptoms are minimal, at least at this point so I am guessing it was fibro acting up.

That is actually how I was diagnosed with fibro, I had flu-like symptoms for 3 months straight, bad symptoms, I could barely move. I was sent to a Pain Management specialist and after being checked I was given meds that would help relieve my pain. Fibro never really goes away so the meds are continual.

05 January 2009

It's a New Year!

The New Year has begun and I am heading down the "I need to lose some weight" hall. Over the weekend I worked out on my Elyptical machine every day and today I swam a mile. It was a tough mile, too, let me tell ya! All my muscles were feeling weak and didn't want to obey but we managed to get through it. Over the weekend I started drinking lemon water which is suppose to help with the renal system and digestive system... mine could use some help!

I am feeling encouraged about selling Arbonne, I have several people interested in joining and in buying products already! It will be great when paychecks start heading my way!The weather here today has been weird, to say the least! It was really warm when I went into the pool, felt like Spring! When I came out the temperature had dropped over 10 degrees, was grey and misty! Glad I had a jacket in the car!

I am still working on my valentine card, I thought I would be finished by now but all kinds of things have popped up and haven't been able to spend much time on it. I think tonight I will attempt to get it closer to being done!

01 January 2009

My First Sketch of the Year

First sketch, can't wait to see what it looks like in color!

Happy New Year!

Here I am! A brand new year began while I was resting and I awoke to new sunshine, new vision, a while new life! I am determined to have a better year than last year! Not that last year was "bad" but this year will be better! Each year should be better than the last and we can build upon the year before. Hmmm sounds like a Bushism! LOL

This year I have several new busiess adventures startiing: Pet/House sitting, selling on Ebay, selling on Etsy,Artfire, Ellen Million, and I am resesarching Blogging for dollars. I figure the more irons I have in the fire the easier it will be to have some income coming in! Darrel, a supervisor I had when I worked at a call center, said that we should never have just one way of making money because if you only had the main job and you lost it, you are in trouble. Interestingly enough, he proved it because a while later he was let go during a reshaping of the call center.

I am presently working on a picture for a Valentine card (I'd like to have several new ones this year), I signed up as an Arbonne consultant, I have already scheduled several Pet/House sitting jobs, and I am putting together some sample packets of my artwork to send to various companys for liscensing purposes. I am starting to put together an artbook containing my artwork and writings. Now this shall be fun!

And of course this year I plan on losing weight! I had done so good last year until the pool closed for repairs for a month, worked several sitting jobs that were too far away for me to go to the pool, and then I got hooked on Frostys! It is cold now, no more Frostys! My treadmill died last month so we got an elyptical to take its place... this one turned out to be a bit harder than the one I had used at the Fitness Center! And I got a replacement Pedometer for Omron cuz the one I had stopped working (it was still under warranty! Yay!) so having the Ped hooked to my waistband gives me the reminder to get off my seat and walk.

For quite sometime now I have been experiencing a spiritual swirl about me, a renewal, memories flood my mind, and contemplations abound. It shall be an interesting year spiritually, no doubt about it!

Well, now I am off to hit the elyptical then get ready to go learn how to sell on Ebay! Have a wonderful day!
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