13 April 2009

Mystically beautiful!

BunnyKissd guessed right! It is the reflections of sunlight on the side of a boat! The interesting thing about it was that the reflections of light were coming from beneath the pier but the sun was behind me! I'm guessing the light hit the boat which reflected on the water beneath the pier, danced on the waves and then reflected back on the side of the boat! Cool, huh!

It also looks like water sprites dancing!

Many years ago when I use to live in Dolgeville, NY I use to park my car on Lyons Flats (which was a road that ran next to a field just outside the village) and just enjoy the views of nature: mountains in the distance, tall grasses dancing in the wind, sometimes snow falling, clouds marching across the sky in lines of military grey lines, woods that climbed the side of a tall hill). One winter evening, just around sunset, I parked my car, bundled up, opened my window and watched. All of a sudden I saw mist rising just infront of the woods (I discovered later there was a creek that ran along the skirts of the woods). This mist began to dance, swirl, rise, and then fall. Needless to say I was mysitified (no pun intended!) and watched for a while. Soon I began to see what looked like individual figures form in the mist. It was hauntingly beautiful and scarey, too, because I'd never seen anything like it before and they looked like ghosts! I was content to sit and watch until I realized the mist seemed to be getting larger and closer to me in my car! About that time I decided it was time for me to leave!

Julia Ruane-Smith
(C) 13 April 2009

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