13 May 2009

Dogs know when you are ticked at them!

For the past few days I have been in a place where I am tired of dogs, sounds terrible, I know. Right now my whole house smells of dog and our vacuum cleaner only makes it worse (it is old, doesn't pick up most of the dog hair, and no longer removes bad scents) then one of the dogs came in from outside the other night and peed a puddle on the living room rug then peed all over the kitchen and dining room floor and it put me into a state of "I've had enough!" (Little did I know I was catching a bug and you know how people are when they aren't feeling well.)

Last night I was holed up in my bed with the bug and suddenly a little dog head popped up on the side of the bed - it was Starbuck, one of our fosters. I pet him while he took a layer of skin off my hand by licking. Then he left. About a half hour later another dog head appeared, it was Sequoia, the other foster dog. He just let me pet him then he happily went back down the hall. Our two dogs never showed up.

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