12 May 2009

Getting ready for art show.

Yesterday I was going through my original artwork looking for three pictures that I made when I was 50 and older to be put in a show. Everyone in my area loves my mermaid pictures (the cities symbol is the mermaid) so I was going to make sure I had at least one. Much to my aghast I haven't had made any in the last 2 1/2 years! I've been on an angel and faerie kick! Anyways after looking at the work I felt discouraged because I don't feel that my work is all that good. The color is good which hides many a sin which is a good thing because I draw and use color pencils and if I make a blunder it is not as easy to hide! That is one good thing about painting, you can scrape the paint and take the mistake with it. Sigh. Most of my pictures look good as greeting cards which seems to be about the only way I can sell my art - picture is small enough to hide stuff. Why did I stop drawing when I got married the first time and raised a family? Maybe I could have made a living as an artist/greeting card artist just like Mary Engelbreit did!

I decided to remake one mermaid picture but after two days of drawing I realized that although it looks much better than the original I won't be able to finish it in time for the show. Grrrrr! So I started another mermaid picture and discovered after 10 hours of sketching it was off center and am now trying to rectify the problem! sigh. Tomorrow is the last day to enter and I mean to enter! I just may have to be happy with my angels and faeries.

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