12 May 2009

Strange day

This afternoon I was involved in an accident! I was turning at a light, pulled
into the far lane and shortly thereafter I felt a boom and my car swurved. There
was a girl in a SUV or CRV behind me who was stopped then she turned her blinker
on and went around me. I had stopped and put my emergency blinkers on. I didn't
see any damage so I went on to the library. When I got out I saw a smear of
white paint on the back door on the drivers side! I went back to the scene of
the accident but there was nothing wrong looking. After thinking about it for a
while I think I was sideswiped! Well, here I sit, I was writing to Sandy McGuire
and now I am posting here, with an ice pack on my neck and I am getting a
headache. Great, another case of whiplash! Had one last year when some girl in a
CRV hit me from behind.

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