08 May 2009

The weekend is here already!

This has been a crazy week for me, the only appointment I had scheduled was a Drs appointment but wasn't I out running the roads every day! I did finish a picture and started a new one. I have to go sign up for a Seniors Art Show for next month. I have a problem though... they have a day scheduled where people can come meet the artists... the day after I get back from vacation! And I will have been in the area just below Cancun! Lord, please don't let there be any swine flu there! I have the meds but I don't want to carry the virus!

I bought myself a pair of sandals this week, you are saying big deal but I haven't owned a pair of sandals since... decades ago! Nowadays I only wear running/walking shoes because most other shoes hurt my feet. Well, knowing that when at the airport I will have to take my shoes off for inspection I decided I will wear sandals that I can slip on and off and won't have to stop and untie and tie my shoes while getting run over by the rest of the shoeless congregation! And I am trying them now to see if maybe I can wear them, besides it will be hot on the vacation and wearing running shoes all the time will not only be hot, I will look stupid!

I am suppose to be having an Arbonne party tomorrow but I have a feeling it will be postponed. I didn't realize that Mother's Day is Sunday and so far none of the guests are coming to the party Saturday, it has been suggested that some of them may be going out of town to see their children. I haven't had much luck with the business but I suppose that is because I am not paying close attention to what is going on in the world at hand so I can schedule around it all.

I am in the process of trying to upload some pictures to my computer but for some reason it won't. This is the second day I have had some kind of computer problems trying to scan and print and now my camera and computer aren't talking. I hate times like this!

Welcome to my world!

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