23 June 2009

D.C. has been earning his name today.....

and so has his sister Misty!

I was sitting at my office window working when something caught my eye... D.C. was outside! so I ran out and got his ole fat self. At 5 when it was time to eat he didn't show up so I went looking for him. Nowhere. 30 minutes went by, nada. My husband pulls up and comes in so I relate what has been going on. so we head to the front door and who is walking up the stairs to the front door? Misty! No clue how she got out. A little while later I was talking on the phone while looking for D.C. and suddenly I hear him... at the back door! How did he get out again?

A few minutes later I went into the garage to get something and discovered the door leading under the house was slightly open. Not good, B man had put poison way under the house back in the Fall so the Dr said it takes 2 days for it to start showing signs so I have to take the cat(s) in tomorrow. D.C. really needs to get a job!!!!!!! LOL

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