24 June 2009

D.C. yet again. Updated.

(c) Julia Ruane-Smith 1 April 09
Got up but found no D.C. We looked high and low, in and out, no D.C. Went into my husband's office and noticed the closet door was open and looked inside... the boy had pried open the crawl space entrance! So now we knew how he was getting out but we had to find him. Poor Burton crawled under the house and found him at the far end trying to get one of the crawl space windows (that he had already opened once) back open. D.C. refused to come when called (because, of course, he knew he had done something wrong) so B man had to drag his sorry self through the dirt all the way under the house to get him out. All this before 7am. There was rat poison under there and we didn't know if DC had eaten any...
Well, "SOMEONE" AIN'T gonna be happy when he goes to the vet this afternoon! Update:

The Vet put DC on Vitamin K for 2 weeks then he has to go back for blood work to make sure he is okay. D.C., who earns his name every day needs to get a job! I offered to let him stay at the Vets and mop the floor with that hairy butt of his to pay for his bill but they declined.

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