24 June 2009

I'm not hot and heavy into Politics like a lot of people but honestly....

What kind of idiots do we have running our country?

We just went through this with John Edwards! Do they honestly think no one will find out?

Wandering SC governor admits straying

By JIM DAVENPORT, Associated Press Writer Jim Davenport, Associated Press Writer

COLUMBIA, S.C. – After going AWOL for seven days, Gov. Mark Sanford admitted Wednesday that he had secretly flown to Argentina to visit a woman with whom he was having an affair. Wiping away tears, he apologized to his wife and four sons and said he will resign as head of the Republican Governors Association.

"I've been unfaithful to my wife," he said in a news conference in which the 49-year-old governor ruminated aloud on God's law, moral absolutes and following one's heart. He said he spent the last five days "crying in Argentina."

Sanford, who in recent months had been mentioned as a possible presidential candidate in 2012, ignored questions about whether he would step down as governor.

By leaving the country without formally transferring power, critics said he neglected his gubernatorial authority and put the state at risk. It wasn't clear how his staff could reach him in an emergency......

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