03 June 2009

Urgent Prayer request!

At lunch today this guy, Cliff asked Burton to go for a bike ride with him which they often do. Burton decided not to go because he had rode yesterday and to work today. Later in the afternoon he found out that Cliff had been in an accident.He was riding really fast and wasn't paying attention to where he was going and he hit a parked truck! The guys in the truck thought they had been hit by a car! Cliff was rushed to the Hospital due to massive blood loss - he was not wearing a helmet. The day before he and Burton were talking and Cliff had said he should get a helmet which he obviously didn't do. Now the way these guys ride, the guy that is faster rides in front and the slower guy rides right behind the leader about 6 inches so he doesn't have to work as hard and that person usually pays close attention to the bike in front of him and on nothing else. If Burton had gone for the ride he, too, would have been in the accident!

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