03 June 2009

What a block head!

Well, as if we needed one more unasked for necessity to pop up, yesterday I was driving down the Interstate when suddenly the water gage hit high hot and a second later the check engine light came on. I called hubby quickly and he said find a place and stop immediately. I was going to just pull into the shoulder but there was a sign up stating it was open to all traffic so it was busy. I was right at the exit I was going to get off at so I did and pulled into a parking lot and turned off the car. Burton showed up about a half hour later. I had blown a water hose. And as usual it was not one that could be easily gotten to. We worked on it for over an hour. Finally we gave up. Checkered Flag Honda was literally around the corner so instead of getting a tow truck we pushed it... I was in the Honda and the hubby was pushing with his truck.Of course with the car being off the brakes were extremely hard to work! We made it without any real incident other than my Panic Disorder cranked in and I thought I would blow my grits! Of course the only person working was the Receptionist so we left the car there. Unfortunately, we have the feeling I cracked the blocked which means the engine is rendered useless. If that be the case we will start looking for a newer car for me. We could replace the engine but the car is at the time of life (much like its owner) where things are falling apart constantly... as far as the car is concerned, it prolly would cost more than what the car is worth to replace the engine.

We shall hear from the Honda place this morning as to the status of my car and then go from there. I wonder if we can cancel our vacation, sure would help financially!

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