10 July 2009

An injustice has been done to someone's pet cat!

There are several sides to this issue: cats being indoor and cats being outdoor, I am for indoor especially for what I just had to do. I was out jogging in my neighborhood when I came upon a dead cat lying on the in front of someone's house in the grassy area near the street. It was obvious that it had been there for quite sometime. There was someone home. What irritates me is that if someone saw the dead cat, why didn't they have the common curteousy if not to the cat but to the people and children in the neighborhood to pick up the cat and take care of it's remains! People just don't think or they have a lack of caring in their cold hearts!

What really bothers me about this cat is that upon taking care of the remains the cat didn't look like it had been run over so maybe someone poisoned it? I've known of incidents in which people have poisoned their neighbors indoor cats when it has snuck out! People can be so cruel and heartless!

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