01 July 2009

Sometimes I just don't think!

I am at my pet sitting job which is located on a river which runs ntothe ocean. All day long I have watched people driving boats, water skiing etc, wishing I could do it too. Yes I have a nice pool to swim in but sometimes I just want to do something different. So, after dark I went to the waters edge and stepped in... ahhhh, the water was warm (warning flag should have gone off) so I dove in and started swimming. Very shortly thereafter I began to feel things rub up against me, and a second later they began to sting. All of a sudden I was surrounded by jelly fish!Duh! I hauled butt for the shore, flew out of there and dove into the pool! Yikes, major sting! I started digging around in my suit because I couldn't tell if I had any tag alongs.

Today I have calamine lotion every where.

Learn this lesson: if the water is warm don't swim in it... jelly fish love warm water, too!

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