09 July 2009

A Walmart Story

I was in Wally's the other day picking out new living room lamps, I don't remember ever getting brand new non-thrift store lamps. As I was standing there getting very frustrated trying to figure out how to put the harp (that thing that holds the lamp shade in place) on the lamp some kid comes up says "With all the experience you've had with lamps you can't figure out what to do?" Upon turning I found my son standing there laughing! "Evey lamp I've ever had came with this stupid thing with it!" Riley shook his head and proceeded to show me ... dag it, I actually did know what to do! Brain Fart! Last night I got a text message from him asking me if I wanted him to come over and show me how to plug it in! Smart so and so! LOL

You know you are getting old when you forget how to put a lamp together! Watch out, Riley, diaper changing time maybe coming sooner than you think! Bwwwwwwwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!

(Private joke which he prolly will have forgotten!)

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