20 July 2009

You have got to read this one!!!!

Joseph Speranzella SFO
Norfolk Catholic Examiner

Michael Jackson's ghost pushed me off of my bike!
July 18, 3:58 PM

One week ago today I broke my nose biking home from seeing a band here on the Island. It was a really good night until the faceplant. I don't remember much about it except that I was on the bike and then I wasn't. It's a mystery to me. Some folks are saying I could have been hit by a car or a deer, And while both happen regularly on the island I don't remember seeing either.

My recovery time has given me an opportunity to study the finer points of humility, a Christian virtue I had begun to research just prior to my accident. Trust me it is humbling when your nurse in the ER can't look at you without first saying. "Whoa!". And everyone assumes the worst when I tell them where I was. To set the record straight, I had a couple of drinks with the band, but that no more makes me drunk than an extra slice of cake makes me a glutton. I may be a glutton for punishment but that is it. You gotta beat the rumors down with a stick around here.

Right after the accident I looked like one of the "Thriller" zombies. It occurred to me that a co-worker and I had had a joke-a-thon about Michael Jackson on the day that he died. I know it's awful but he was such an easy target! Recently there have been some internet buzz around video claiming to show MJ's ghost at Neverland and during the Memorial show. I've seen them and I think the John Mayer video where the "ghost" appears is a trick of the eye during a scene fade. The other is more convincing showing a shadowy figure crossing a doorway at the ranch. However without a spin and a crotch grab it's hard to say whose ghost it might be.

I had already been joking that MJ's ghost pushed me off my bike in retaliation. In lieu of of other convincing causes I'm going with that one. Maybe I will learn some humility from this, seeing how now I can barely go out in public without a mask for a while. There may be something to the old saying "always speak well of the dead." Even if it is Wacko Jacko!

Blessings and pray for my face (a prayer chain I guess I should have started long ago...).


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