02 August 2009

To "THAT" person I know who says cats are not intelligent and have no purpose in life - you know who you are...

I have two cats that I would like to send you just for a few days so you can learn that they are not only intelligent but highly intelligent and know how to conspire together to achieve their goals! You are not allowed to hurt them or I will send PeTa and a band of cat protecting angels to your house to get you - got it?

This morning the cats didn't like it that we were sleeping in a "little" late - literally - so they devised a scheme to get ME up! They tag teamed jumping up on the bed and fussing in my face, until I pushed them off the bed and rolled over. Misty was the one who would get in my face and fuss, D.C. would jump up, meow then walk his 13 lb furry self across my chest and step on every fibromyalgia tender point I have there (which is considerable). They timed their attacks until I could no longer get back to my dream which was cool (Amazing what a little sleep can do!Not only did I get sleep, I was having dreams and remembering them!). At one point I asked the cats if they wanted to go on a trip to a place where cats were highly sought after but that didn't seem to slow them down. I held out for as long as I could then finally I gave up and got up. I made them wait, though, doing everything absolutely slow and dragged out - three can play this game! They are quiet now and happy.

So MISTER, would you like me to lend you my two precious cats so you can experience pure intelligence yourself?

As for the dream, I was in Star Trek the Next Generation! (Granted I was working at 7 Eleven but I was working with Deana but it was where the USS Enterprise came and went from here on on earth! It wasn't your normal 7 Eleven, it had halodecks, movie theaters for the employees, and classrooms for schooling other Star Fleet 7 Eleven workers. Deana and I were dealing with a group of rogue teenagers who held up hostage by phone and we had to keep in them in sandwiches and drinks while they were completing their mission which we found out through Deana's abilities and some sleuthing on my part that all they were were punks thinking they were cool for their prank so Deana and I were plotting an scheme against them but thanks to the tag team I never found out what the scheme was! Grrrrrrrr


(c)Julia Ruane-Smith 2009

Misty on the throne.

(c)Julia Ruane-Smith 2009

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