30 October 2009

Bradley and I sharing a cookie and a kiss! Ain't he just so cute!?!

Look at that blue sky reflecting in the pond water!

Reminds me of a women's retreat I went on once.

I love to see the sunlight through the trees!

A Mermaid's hideaway! Look close, you may see her!

29 October 2009

Dinner time!

Do you honestly think anyone would notice if I wore these out and about?

Through the eyes of a child

I love this picture, it is like a child looking in and wanting to be there! It also shows my child like heart.

Thoughts on Life.

We are losing an awful lot of "known" people to all kinds of cancer lately. Scary to know we all have cancer inside us and it can start its ugly dance at any time if it wants to. The thing to do is this, don't dwell on it, make a bucket list and enjoy it. Look at the world through the eyes of a child, pray, and draw closer and closer to God every day - don't let anything come between you and God!

17 October 2009

"Ya- Ya"

"Am I beautiful or what!"

"I'd say 'Or what...'"

At night when the moon is full, the light beams that hit these scatter tiny dancing lights all over the room!

Today and Beyond...

The race is over and I am home, napped, and showered! We aren't sure of the timing yet, I think I saw 39 minutes and some odd seconds as I rushed past the board, time wasn't great but hey, it was cold, wetish, and before my time to get up! LOL Thank you to all who donated! I had a total of $375!(If you are watching my Personal Race page, a check came in the mail yesterday.)

Our team went to breakfast afterward and they were all excited: let's do another one or two! I could feel my legs trying to unscrew themselves so they could run away but I convinced them to stay put.

Burton and I and Dylan are suppose to leave Monday morning to go camping for a couple of days. That will be nice! It is color peak season in the Blue Ridge Mountains so if you don't hear from me for a few days I'll be dancing with the leaves!

15 October 2009

Sorry I haven't added pics in a while but....

my camera cord disappeared and I had to order some. Now I bet the other one will show up! That's okay with me!

Kiwi and RJ

Rj decided to sit in my lap!

I have a caption in mind but.....

01 October 2009

Well, much going on... surprise there!

Sorry I haven't updated my pictures... my cameras USB cord disappeared so after spending a week looking for it, I gave up and ordered several! Hopefully they will be coming in soon!!!!!

Got a call late last night: one of our neighbors who has a husband who has alzheimers wandered off (2nd time that day) so off I went. There were all kinds of neighbors combing the areas for him. A stranger found him and brought him home. Have a feeling he will now have to go to a nursing home. so now we are on the list for finding not only lost dogs, we look for alzheimers patients.

I've been having problems with my legs for the past few months while running and after. They hurt in weird places for days after the run. Yesterday I bought a new pair of stablizer running shoes and wore them home to break them in. My legs began to feel really good until I was looking for my neighbor. I was checking the ditches and walking the new lite rail tracks (not open yet!). by the time I he was found my legs were beginning to hurt. I started back to my car which was at the other end of the neighborhood when the legs began to hurt so bad I didn't think I would be able to walk! Hubby drove up and gave me a ride to my car. He said take a few days off of running and if that doesn't work then I should talk to my Doc to have them checked out.

Just finished a two day companion sitting job and today I am packing to go on a 4 day Pet sitting job. Starting to get busy again! Yay!

This week I talked to one of my best friends from the past! It was so good talking with her... I did most of the talking because I usually have more 'stories' to tell: she refers to them as "Julie Stories." See, some things never change!
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