17 October 2009

Today and Beyond...

The race is over and I am home, napped, and showered! We aren't sure of the timing yet, I think I saw 39 minutes and some odd seconds as I rushed past the board, time wasn't great but hey, it was cold, wetish, and before my time to get up! LOL Thank you to all who donated! I had a total of $375!(If you are watching my Personal Race page, a check came in the mail yesterday.)

Our team went to breakfast afterward and they were all excited: let's do another one or two! I could feel my legs trying to unscrew themselves so they could run away but I convinced them to stay put.

Burton and I and Dylan are suppose to leave Monday morning to go camping for a couple of days. That will be nice! It is color peak season in the Blue Ridge Mountains so if you don't hear from me for a few days I'll be dancing with the leaves!

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