20 November 2009

Continuing headache saga

Called the Drs Wednesday because the headache wasn't getting any better after weeks so they made an appointment for today. Wednesday night I suddenly felt a break in the headache, literally. The headache was still there yesterday but not as bad. Got up this morning and most of it is gone! Now isn't that special...

I am going to run an experiment and work on the computer for a while to see if my eyes start acting up, if they don't then I might consider calling and canceling the appointment. BUT I am still seeing double.

"Face Migraine = intense pain experience after the 5th or 6th repetition of slamming your face into Riley's fist, as a result of grabbing his throat from across the bar, after he has cut you off of alcoholic bevarages. It exists

Treatment = Gain intelligence." (Riley)

Or maybe I got smart. And I thought I was wearing too much black and blue make-up! LOL

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