02 November 2009

A cross post to give the low down on the past month.

I read somewhere about some teenage girl who is a runner and has fibro so I figured if she could do it, I could do it. And I did! October 17. I had gotten my time down to 34 minutes but due to the rest I was forced to take and running into a mild headwind at the beach I ran it in 39 minutes.That;s good for someone who has fibro and I was happy, at least I could run. and yes it hurt. I had to buy some really good expensive running shoes which really helped. I haven't run since the race but I am going to start up again at shorter distances since I don't have to train for a race. The shin splints, well, I think it was the fibro centering on my legs, fibro does that from time to time, centers on one place. For the past month it has been my eyes, and that REALLY pisses me off! Ever try to draw with an ocular migraine?

The mountain story was funny though there could have been a not so funny ending. I had bent over to get water into the bucket and slipped and my being a swimmer knew to dive. I had a flashlight with me so when I flashed the light in front of me I saw the ugliest mermaid dressed like me in front of me and we both screamed. She showed me the way to the top and I started swimming. Burton was on the shore calling for me to turn around I was swimming in the wrong direction. He managed to pull me out of the mud I was stuck in and immediatedly I began to pull coat and clothes off and running up the hill towards the "Faerie Cottage." (Yes, my friend built a faerie cottage as a refuge from the world the world.) My husband chased me grabbing clothes (good thing it was dark as sin outside - that is until we got inside and he had lit the lanterns) then began chasing me around the room trying to help dry me off. No easy task because I was running trying to keep the blood moving thus warming me up and we were laughing so hard. I eventually got dried, jammied, and laid on the floor with my feet near the camping lattern to get warm... yes, and I got an occasional burn.

Here I am trying to dry my pond gunk laidened hair beneath a wall lantern.

The beautiful do!

The next day my friend Gwen came by and picked me up, she wanted to show me a really pretty place she loves to go to (she forgot it was winter and all the flowers were gone.) Anyways we drove around a bend and suddenly I was attacked by a bad tree: it hit me square in the forehead! From Gwen's point of view it looked like the branch went into my eye. She shoved me back then hit reverse on the 'Gator. Realizing my eyes (except for for third eye were okay) she jumped out of the jeep, picked up a huge branch and screaming "Bad tree! Baaaaad tree!" and was beating on the branch until it broke. That branch then fell and bounced back up and popped her in the chin! The clean version of what she said was "Man that tree has bad charma!"

This year I am doing Nano Wrimo translated National Novel Writing Month. I went to the Kick off party and one of the ladies made"Plot Bunnies" whose job is to help us when we got stuck or things just didn't seem to be going in the right direction. I got a plot bunny with only one eye: the third eye so I got my Cyclopes back! I named her "Cy."

I've also been out searching for a neighbor who has alzheimer's who escaped from the house on evening about 10, someone in a neighborhood about a mile down the road found him), chasing down runaway dogs who are of the spastic kind, and now we have a new foster dog who has more energy that has more energy than a Tazmanian Daredevil! Last night she was playing with D.C. (the cat who thinks he is a dog) who isn't quite sure of what to make of "Ginger." Ginger chased her into a corner in my bedroom which was no big deal until Misty (our female cat) saw Ginger had D.C. cornered and she tore after that puppy!(This was an all time first: Misty protecting her brother insteed of slapping him around!) In trying to get away from Misty Ginger ran into the closet - stupid move because there is no way out! Misty tore after her and there was a "WWW" going on and Ginger was screaming for pure mercy! B-man and I got Misty off the dog who took off down the hall. B-man had the cat by the neck skin wand was giving her a lecture while shaking her and hollering NO! We were a little stumped because normally the situation is the other way around and when cornered Misty usually just gave the dog a good squat which sends the dog running. Well, you would think that would be the end of it but Ginger is a few light bulbs short of having one and went back into the bedroom looking for D.C. We fianlly had to crate her to keep her from getting whooped up worse, obviously Misty was in 'that kind of mood.'

You ask why is this dog short a few light bulbs of having one... Ginger barks at her reflection in any window, she barks at my reflection in any window, add the closet free for all and you have it. And we have only had her since Friday evening.

Well, that is all to tell at this particular moment but that could change. Keep an eye on my blog www.aheartofmersea.blogspot.com, I have been adding all kinds of pictures and an occassional story.

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