29 November 2009

"Learned Wisdom" or "Wisdom has invaded my privacy!"

I went online to the Insurance website and saw that I have been given a referal
for the MRI but I haven't heard from the "hospital of their choice" yet. I
canceled my Opthamologist appt and if I don't hear from the Hospital by Noon
Monday I will call them and demand they set me up ASAP! I am tired of having
bouts with headaches, nausea, vision problems, not being able to go out into the
sunlight due to light sensitivity, etc etc etc. When it comes to my health I am
not one to wait - unless of course there is a Holiday stuck in the midst of
stuff like there was.... I've learned to be pushy in my old timer years! OMG!
I'm old!!!!

I was watching "The Jane Austen Book Club" and one character said she felt young
but would get depressed whenever she looked in the mirror so she decided that
unless she had to she stayed away from the mirrors. I feel like an extremely
thin 20 yr old so I am learning not to look in the mirror to see the plumper
version of her. As for putting on make-up, I pretend I am painting a picture
that isn't me!

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