15 November 2009

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy!!!!!!!

Grief, Charlie Brown, I wasn't expecting a storm as bad as the one we got! I was just getting ready to listen to George Winston's album "Forest" with the very first song "Tamarask Pines" when we lost power (it was a dead pine branch that tried to poke out my cyclopes eye in the mountain!). The neighbors across the street lost a pine tree: on huge limb fell and just missed my car and a short time later the rest of the tree fell towards our yard but was stopped by electric wires which cut off electricity, an oak tree a block before the entrance and only exit to our neighborhood fell totally blocking the street (so everyone who eventually had to leave had to go around their elbow to get out!) then the transformers started blowing, and all the street lamps blew one by one - it was a regular 4th of July performance! we had good sized logs falling on our roof, branches trying to come in windows, a leak in the attic which my hubby fixed as soon as he got home Thursday, etc etc etc. Weird thing was, we had our land line the entire storm and our cells worked the whole time, too! My old fashioned computer worked real well though not as fast as the modern ones and it was done in green ink. ;-D

I have a large collection of candles which is great, unfortunately they were all scented and gave me a bad sinus headache the whole time but we had light! We had camping lanterns and head lights ,too, so we were set. Now I will start gathering unscented candles!!!! And battery operated lanterns so I don't have to wear the pimple head lamp!

We were on the end of the list to get fixed but we were so happy to get our electricity back Saturday night! Originally said it would be Sunday!

I know you can't tell it but that is an oak tree that fell across the street that almost blocked the entrance to our neighborhood!

That is my car!!!!!

So is this!

And now for how I survived:

Working with my old computer.

Cy didn't give a single break cuz she knew this was a slow computer!

Merseaone's write - in

Washed my hair with cold water and cupfuls of warm water that had been heated on the gas stove...

Trying to dry my bangs over a candle... electricity came on just a few hours later.

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