05 December 2009

MRI update

things around here are 'usual.' We area getting a new kitten to play with the fat butt D.C.. His name is Static because he is mute and when he meows it sounds like radio static! LOL I had a serious headache for the entire month of November and ended up having an MRI. They said they found stuff (besides a brain!) and said it could be one of three things: migraine, MS, or something starting with the letter V - maybe Vasculitis? I'm still not ruling out concussion cuz just before the headaches started I got viciously attached by a dead branch while riding a 'Gator in the woods in the mountains on a camping trip and it smacked me really hard in my cyclopes. I have the classic concussion symptoms. I'm doing fine now except I see double, that is a good thing when I see chocolate and wine! LOL

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