02 January 2010


We have a neighbor who has this disease and he is always escaping from his house and taking off. We have been known to be out searching for him at 10pm. This morning he came to our house around 7:45 and banged on our front door. We were in bed still and by the time my husband got his shoes Mr Dolly was gone so Burton took off looking for him. (It is in the 20's this AM) Burton saw that Dolly had headed back towards his house so he followed him and made sure he got home safely. Dolly's wife told me the other day when I escourted him home that they were going to have to put him in a facility after the first of the year.

Just looked out the window and Mr Dolly is heading down the street again. I hope they do something ASAP because I know this is very hard on his wife because she is too old to keep up with him.

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