18 March 2010

An early work about when I was in high school

... I use to go to the bus stop really early and enjoy the sunrise!

Julia Ruane-Smith (c)

17 March 2010

12 March 2010


It has been warm all week and though it is rainy today I am encouraged: Spring is starting to visit! Looking forward to the magic of Spring!

11 March 2010

Gather around kiddies for the Migraine update!

New Dr is good, thorough, but doesn't have much of a sense of humor....he doesn't know what he is dealing with in me! He didn't understand what I meant when under symptoms I had written blondeness! LOL

I saw my MRI's and the first thing I thought and said outloud without thinking: "Well, now there is evidence that aliens do exist on this earth! Look at the skeleton of that face!" He said nothing, not a peep. So when he showed me the infamous "white patchy things in my brain" they looked like Orbs you would see on "Ghost Hunters"show and I THOUGHT to myself, well, hank dag, I must be possessed! Ghost orbs in my brain!"

The Dr did all kinds of stuff like prick me with little needles to see if I had numb spots (y'all know how much I just loooove needles), checking reflexes, pressed the snot out of my sinuses (which gave me a headache, thank you very much!), knocked around on my skull.... by the time I left he had deflated my poofy hair style I had worn! One half was flat, I looked like I had been hit with a flat iron or something!

Now I have to have an ultrasound on my throat... why? To make sure I'm getting enough oxygen to my brain! (I'm telling ya, I am blonde!) I also have to keep a diet and migraine symptom journal. gave me a list of foods I can eat, be careful of, and what I can't eat.... say what? He is totally ruining my diet! LOL (Just kidding, for the most part.)

Gotta have another MRI in 6 months so he will have something to compare the last one to.... (guess he thinks my brain will go away). He said he will be able to see if I have new "orbs" or if they have stayed the same. I wonder if there are more orbs if he will do an exorcism to get the ghosties outta my brain?

So that is it. Hey maybe I can call the group from "Paranormal State" to come check my brain for hauntings.... they are cuter than the crew from "Ghost Hunters!"

08 March 2010

I have started a new project: Writing a prayer a day and so far they have ended up being poems. Maybe one day I will publish them.

06 March 2010

God at work

My husband just called and told me of something that just happened. He was sitting at a red light waiting to turn. The light turned and his SUV suddenly bogged down like his gear was in 3rd. He changed gears to see if it was in first, which it had been. Suddenly a carload of teenagers blew through the red light... if his car hadn't bogged down, he would have been slammed into!!!! The kids never saw what they had done and went on their way.

Thank God my husband is safe!


03 March 2010

After a long fight with diabetes, my nephew passed away last night due to complications to a brain aneurysm. God bless him.

He gave his body to science and so far has given sight to two people.

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